Oracle Sales Cloud vs SalesLogix

Oracle Sales Cloud
Engage customers earlier and accelerate and close more deals using Oracle Sales Cloud's complete, innovative, and proven sales solution. Sales Cloud takes advantage of Oracle’s best-in-class cloud portfolio to offer a complete ecosystem of sales tools
Sage SalesLogix CRM software offers a complete view of customer interactions across departments—providing information and insights for better planning, managing, and forecasting.
Face to face in the news:

2010 - RightNow: CRM is dead to defeate SalesLogix

RightNow CRM

Surprise! Jason Mittelstaedt, CMO at RightNow (the company that for a long time has been among leaders of the CRM industry) says that nobody wants to hear about CRM anymore, because they have heard it all and no longer believe the promises of CRM vendors. According to Jason, last year, the annual CRM Conference, which was held by Gartner and sponsored by RightNow - was the dead event and attracted minimal public interest. Vendors were showing the presentations that they have given seven years ago. Jason argues that CRM is a bit old hat, and it is time for a new generation of software that RightNow calls CX (Customer Experience). RightNow is not a pioneer in Customer Experience theme. Industry players have been talking about CEM (Customer Experience Management) already for a couple of years. So, what's the difference between CEM and CRM?

What's the difference between CEM and CRM?

RightNow CRM

Don't look for some hidden sense in how "relationship management" differs from "experience management". Yes, "experience" - sounds better, but it has no influence on the software functionality. It still must include the customer base, customer interactions history, order base, support tools, marketing tools and analytical reports on sales, marketing and service. In any case, customer "experience" depends on how the customer software helps employees in managing customer "relationships".

But if companies are no longer happy with CRM brand, than vendors need to invent a new brand, for example CEM. But you can't create the new brand by just replacing one word in the title. Fortunately, recently the significant shift in CRM sphere has taken place and it's a good chance to create a new customer philosophy. And the reason for this shift was one simple fact: Customers use the Internet.

Internet = Experience

RightNow CRM

Internet has brought two major things in a customer life. First, it is very convenient channel of communication with companies. Secondly, the Internet has given birth to social networks, where the customer can discuss companies and products with others. Both of these innovations have a strong influence on the customer "experience".

Today customer wants to buy in the Internet, get support over the Internet. He would like to have online chat, forum and knowledge base on company's website. And even better - a personal account, where he could see his orders history, support history (so the new customer system should provide access not only for employees but also for customers). The customer would be happy to see the company's residence in the social network, where he uses to hang out. He also wants to get individual approach (so the new customer system should collect personal customer information from social sources).

Today customer before buying likes to read reviews about the company and the product, discuss it with his friends in social networks (so the new customer system should monitor the social web for such discussions to enable employees respond  to them). Finally, the customer wants the company to listen to his ideas and feedback (so the new customer system should provide tools for collecting and processing customer feedback).

If the customer system helps to satisfy all these customer needs - his "experience" will be OK.

RightNow CX Cloud Platform

RightNow CRM

As we see, the Internet has created quite a lot of new opportunities (tasks) for customer software. Realizing this, RightNow decided not to implement all these features in their CRM (sorry, CX) system. Instead, they created a cloud platform CX Cloud Platform, that allows companies and independent developers to create their own CX applications. This platform provides tools for creating web-apps, integrating them with social networks and contact centers. Of course, the center of this platform is SaaS solution RightNow CX, i.e. it's supposed that most developers will create add-ons for this system.

2005 - RightNow pins enterprise hopes on new CRM to strike back at SalesLogix

RightNow Technologies is looking to raise its profile in the market for enterprise customers with a new release of its customer relationship management system. The company launched RightNow CRM 7.5, which it says boasts significant improvements across three of the major subsets of CRM applications - marketing, sales and service. RightNow also released two new add-on CRM products, aimed at boosting automation of telephone sales operations and providing more powerful business-intelligence tools to customer service operations, respectively. Industry watchers are predicting that there will be increasing demand for hosted business tools in the enterprise market, which could open the door for RightNow and a growing list of rivals to win more deals among larger customers.