Oracle Cloud vs SAP Cloud

Oracle Cloud
Oracle Public Cloud provides customers and partners with a high-performance, reliable, elastic, and secure infrastructure for their critical business applications and offers customers a complete range of business applications and technology solutions, avoiding the problems of data and business process fragmentation when customers use multiple siloed public clouds.
SAP Cloud
Get the best of both worlds – the power of real time + the simplicity of the cloud – with our cloud-based deployment option for SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA, SAP NetWeaver BW powered by SAP HANA, and the SAP HANA platform.
Oracle Cloud vs SAP Cloud in our news:

2013 - Oracle: Imagine, that your business is a yacht to catch up with Windows Azure

Oracle OpenWorld conference could be the most boring event in the IT world, but one thing made it cool: just before the conference, Larry Ellison's yacht (Oracle Team USA) won the America Cup regatta. And Larry immediately used this fact to promote its IT business. It turned out that the Oracle's yacht won mainly thanks to the Oracle Cloud and Big Data. At the beginning of the race it was just more or less competitive yacht. But, unlike its competitors it was overloaded with sensors and cameras that collected 200 GB of data during each race. Then mixed with the information about sea currents, winds, other yachts it was analyzed in the Oracle Cloud. Based on this information every day (before each race) specialists modified/tuned yacht parameters. In result, by the end of the regatta Oracle's yacht has become virtually inaccessible for competitors. In the same way cloud technology could optimize your company.

And now - about the (boring) conference announcements that can be interesting for IT managers of large companies and SaaS providers. Oracle Cloud added 10 new services :

1. Compute Cloud - provides computer resources and monitoring tools

2 . Object Storage Cloud - cloud storage

3 . Database Cloud - cloud database service

4 . Java Cloud - a platform for deploying Java-apps

5 . Business Intelligence Cloud - platform for data analysis

6. Documents Cloud - allows you to setup file sharing between devices

7. Mobile Cloud - allows businesses to create business apps for any device

8. Database Backup Cloud - allows to backup data to the cloud

9. Billing and Revenue Management Cloud - billing solution for SaaS providers

10 . Cloud Marketplace - app store for applications running on Oracle Cloud.

2013 - SAP boss is mooning Oracle boss again

SAP co-founder and chairman Hasso Plattner is an old "friend" of Oracle boss Larry Ellison. They compete not only in the IT business but also in yacht races. Plattner, reportedly, once dropped his pants and mooned the crew of Ellison’s racing yacht when it was passing by. After that Ellison didn't miss a chance to throw a jab at SAP. For example, his first and only tweet is dedicated to SAP's failure on the cloud market. But the history repeats and now Larry Ellison once again is watching SAP's back. Recently we told about SAP's new product - HANA - the Big Data database that left behind Oracle's database business. And now SAP has launched a cloud platform SAP Enterprise Cloud (built on HANA), which has the potential to become the Amazon for big companies and beat Oracle on the cloud market.

Enterprise Cloud platform is designed not only to host SAP's own ERP and portals. It's positioned as a PaaS service on which developers can create high-performance enterprise applications. According to Plattner, already 430 startups are building apps on top of the new platform.

But SAP - is SAP. And its cloud platform has one big drawback in the SAP style. Each company that wants to use the new platform must first pay the full cost of the SAP HANA license (as if it buys SAP HANA but not lease it from the cloud).

2012 - Larry Ellison likes Cloud, Amazon, standards. Not likes SAP, Salesforce, WorkDay

Yesterday, Oracle launched its public cloud service Oracle Cloud and, of course, the CEO, Larry Ellison, rocked at the presentation. The biggest surprise was the fact that Larry is now likes the word Cloud. He says, "I like the word Cloud because it’s a charismatic brand." Previously, he defined the Cloud something like "bull's shit", "water vapour" or "I don't care what you call it." The second surprise was the fact that Ellison can respect a rival and even to recognize that Oracle imitates it. It's about Amazon. Larry says "As part of our platform we have a lot of common with Amazon Web Services. Archive is elastic like Amazon’s cloud is elastic." But the rest of the rivals, of course, were less lucky this day.

Ellison once again criticized Salesforce  for its multitenant-architecture that is not secure. (While the Oracle Cloud provides separate virtual machines for each customer). He criticized the SaaS ERP vendor WorkDay becuase it built its user interface on flash that is not working on iPhone/iPad. (While the Oracle Fusion apps support the common standards Java and HTML5). And as for SAP, he said, that they don't have any cloud service, except of acquired SuccessFactors and Ariba, and won't have one until at least 2020. (While Oracle Cloud already includes CRM, HRM, Social Intranet and 100 more apps for companies and developers).

2010 - Larry Ellison vs Marc Benioff: So what is Cloud Computing?

Oracle Cloud Computing

This summer at the Cloudforce conference Salesforce boss Marc Benioff showed the slide titled "Beware of the False Cloud! " with the picture of Oracle Exadata - storage appliance, that is used to build private clouds. Benioff said: "The false Cloud isn’t efficient. It’s not economical. It’s not democratic, it’s not the same for small medium and large companies. It doesn’t have low CO2 emissions. It’s a false cloud and they are just marketing the name because we’re doing so well". And yesterday, at the presentation of the new out-of-the-box private cloud solution Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, Larry Ellison also spent five minutes of humor, devoted to his former employee Marc Benioff. Here's the video:

Larry said, "He (Benioff) says: - we are Cloud Computing. But is really one or two applications on the internet. It's a sales force application and a service application, but it's really not a platform. It has a limited proprietary platform. Hundred of customers co-mingle their data in the same database – it's a very weak security model. It's not secure. It's not elastic. If demand increases on, you better reduce demand. People go around reducing the reports and the data level because they can't dynamically add new virtual machines. It's priced not on usage, but per users. The whole idea of Cloud Computing is to have a pool of applications that share resources. A Cloud is a platform. It's elastic. It can be public or private. It runs all of your applications. It's built on standards."

It's a definition that some will agree with and some will not. But perhaps everyone can at least agree that his definition is at least better than arguing that Clouds are just "water vapour as Ellison has done in frustration in the past...

Cloud Computing

By the way, the new Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud is a platform for building million dollar private clouds, which includes Oracle Exalogic servers with an overall capacity up to 360 64-bit Xeon processors, storage system Oracle Exadata Database Machine, software (OS, middleware, virtual machine) and network equipment. The platform is optimized for Java-based applications and in particular, for Oracle's enterprise systems. So as Oracle promised, having acquired Sun - now they can deliver super-optimized solutions, which include hardware, system software and business applications.

2010 - Oracle kills Sun Cloud to compete with SAP Enterprise Cloud

Oracle Sun

Last year, just before the Oracle's aquisition, SUN announced its public cloud platform Sun Cloud, that was supposed to become an open alternative to Amazon Web Services. Open-source evangelists were already rubbing their hands in anticipation of the new cloud space, where neither Microsoft, nor Amazon, nor Google would be able to keep customers from switching to competing platforms. And where customers will be able to use multiple cloud platforms to improve the reliability and scalability of their applications. But Larry Ellison's attitude towards Cloud Computing is expressed in one word "bullshit", so last week he officially closed Sun Cloud project. Larry said that it's not Oracle's business - to sell computing minutes for a couple of cents. Instead, Oracle will provide the hardware and software for those who want to do this, as well as for companies that need the "private clouds".