Video: Office 365 vs iWork

Microsoft Office 365 is commercial software plus services offering a set of products from Microsoft. Office 365 includes the Microsoft Office suite of desktop applications and hosted versions of Microsoft's Server products (including Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, and Lync Server), delivered and accessed over the Internet, in effect, the next version of Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS). Office 365 free alternatives are Zoho, Google Apps.
iWork has always been the best way to be productive on the Mac. And iWork for iOS made it easy to create beautiful documents on iPad and iPhone. With iWork for iCloud we’re bringing Pages, Numbers, and Keynote to the web — on Mac and PC. And thanks to iCloud, your work is always up to date on all your devices. It’s easy to work with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. iWork alternative for PC is Office 365.
Face to face in the news:

2016 - Apple iWork adds real-time collaboration. Beware Office 365

Apple takes on Google Documents with real-time collaboration on iWork documents. The long-awaited feature makes it easier to cooperate and create documents on the fly. Users can collaborate on images, text and everything else across the iWork suite, including on the mac, iPad, iPhone and on the web. All the iWork apps – Pages, Numbers and Keynote. Aimed at students, professional setting and other collaborative efforts, it’s a long overdue addition to Apple’s productivity suite. The updated apps are expected to ship imminently.

2015 - Microsoft opens Office for Android tablets to all to win over iWork

Microsoft launched mobile Office for Android preview back in November last year. And now it has opened up the preview for anyone, making Word, Excel and Power Point available directly in the Google Play Store. There are still a few stipulations, though: You’ll need an ARM-powered tablet with a screen size between 7 and 10.1 inches and be running Android KitKat or Lollipop. Most modern tablets then should be fine, and if you have one, you can test out Microsoft’s touch-optimized productivity suite.

2013 - New Free iWork allows to collaborate in real time to stand out over Office 365

Today Apple has introduced new versions of its tablets iPad Air, iPad Mini and laptops MacBook Air, MacBook Pro. As usually, they all become thinner, faster and even slightly cheaper. But there are two more interesting news that were announced at the presentation. First - is that Apple's office suite iWork adds real time collaboration feature. It works via iWork for iCloud, so it allows even interaction between Apple computer and PC. Of course, meanwhile iWork (and in particular its collaboration tools) - are far behind MS Office and Google Docs, but for Apple users it's still a useful thing. Another interesting news - is that Apples's software (including iWork and operating system OS X Mavericks) is now available for free. All Mac OS users can get the latest version of the operating system for free, and if you buy iPhone, iPad or Mac - you get the free iWork. Of course, this can be called innovation, but from the other side - Apple can always include the cost of its software to the price of the hardware.

2011 - Apple introduces office suite for iPhone to take on Office 365

iWork for iPhone
Apple's office suite iWork has been available on the iPad tablet since its launch last year, but the iPhone owners still had to look for third-party applications to work with their office documents (the most popular office suites for iPhone are Quickoffice and Office²). And in less than two years Apple has adapted its mobile iWork to iPhone's small screen. Traditionally, iWork includes the word processor Pages, the spreadsheets tool Numbers and the presentations app KeyNote. As usual Apple is not trying to expand to the "other" world and compete globally with MS Office and Google Docs. Instead, Apple is trying again to make more money on it's fan-base: each of the 3 mobile iWork apps costs $9.99. In addition, the mobile iWork will only work on the latest models iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 (i.e. Apple encourages users to buy the new models). Also, for now the iWork for iPhone can't work with the online office service, but it is expected that this feature will be added in a couple of weeks.

2010 - Windows Live Office and Office Web Apps are available for all to keep up competition with iWork

Windows Live Office
Yesterday, Microsoft officially launched Windows Live Office with Office Web Apps for english-speaking users (US, UK, Canada & Ireland). But anyone can already use them by switching the language in the Live ID account to English. Documents can be accessed in Office menu or SkyDrive menu. To understand why, read our review. Unfortunately, the first impression of Windows Live Office - is negative. Of course, we knew that online office apps will be light. And the fact that there are no diagrams and no cell autofill in the Excel Web App, and no rich paste in OneNote Web App, and no file move between folders in Live Office - all these is not disappointing. But the main thing that we expected - correct Word formatting support - actually doesn't work.

Office Web Apps
It's fair to say that in View mode all documents are displayed perfectly. But when the Edit mode is opened the formatting is displayed corrupted. Paragraph indents disappear and tables (which have configured column width or merged cells) are displayed wrong. In addition a lot of "SoftBreak" objects (which online text processor can't display) appear. Good news  is that when you return to the View mode, the old formatting is retained. So you can the online Word to make light editing to existing documents, but not to create rich documents or rich editing.

2010 - 5 ways you can use iPad in your business

Today Steve Jobs introduced iPad - the device that he called the most important thing in his life. And from our side it would be wrong to ignore this event, especially taking into account, that the previous thing (iPhone) now has the significant impact on the mobile business-apps market. While we must admit that iPad - is a very convenient thing for home use and it will make a revolution in e-publishing, but we do not believe that iPad (or other device of such clipboard design) will replace communicators and netbooks from the enterprise environment. We were able to come up with only 5 reasons that can make this $500 device useful for your business:

1. If you often hold business meetings and presentations, this device will make you more cool in the eyes of your client or partner
2. If you often work on the road all day (iPad works 10 hours without recharging, which is longer than any netbook)
3. If you work at home, iPad will allow you to do some work while lying on the sofa
4. If your job requires  to enter data while walking around
5. If you sell software or SaaS services, release the version for iPad - this will make some buzz

It's also interesting that:
- IPad doesn't support Flash
- The special mobile iWork office version was developed for iPad
- All iPhone applications will work on the iPad