MindNode vs Mindomo

MindNode makes mind mapping easy. Mind maps are a visual representation of your ideas, starting with a central thought and growing from there. This allows you to brainstorm & organize your thoughts in an intuitive way, so you can focus on the idea behind it.
From all the mind mapping software apps out there, Mindomo is the most focused on providing the best solution for teachers and students. Collaborative mind mapping, concept mapping, outlining - the best way to understand and learn anything.
MindNode vs Mindomo in our news:

2018 - Mindomo gets new search functionality

Mindomo's search tool is getting some major improvements. The search now goes through all mind maps, both private and public, and their content. For example, you want to access a map where you put down this week’s to-do list but you can’t remember the title. However, you know that ‘grocery shopping’ was in the mind map. All you have to do is type in ‘grocery’ in the Search bar. First, we will display all your private mind maps that match the keyword in terms of map title, content in topics, notes, comments, and even in the Task Info section. Once you find your mind map and access it, it will always open in a new tab. To make your search results more obvious, we will highlight the keyword everywhere it appears. If the keyword is in the notes, comments, Task Info, and multimedia panels, we will automatically expand the panel.

2018 - Mindomo for desktop gets theme editor

The possibility to create your own personalized map themes comes to Mindomo Desktop. So you can now enjoy the comfort of creating your own themes where you can set the default font size, color, shape, background color, relationships on all topics from a certain level so that when a new topic is added on that level, it will be created with that formatting automatically. To do this, you need to go to Themes, then select Theme editor. You are also able to set your theme as default so every new mind map will be created with this theme.

2017 - Mind-mapping software MindNode 5 gets new layouts to take on iThoughts

IdeasOnCanvas presented the new version of its mind-mapping software MindNode 5 is coming soon this year for iOS and macOS. MindNode 5 is an update packed with new features, enhancements and many small refinements to make working with MindNode even more productive. Top-Down-Layout and orthogonal branches will enable you to use MindNode for new use cases, like organization charts. Other new features include a brand new brainstorming mode and the adoption of many significant iOS 11 features. The free version doubles as a viewer for MindNode documents. If you only want to edit your documents on your Mac, but want to view them on you iPhone you can now do this without paying for the iOS version. The conclusion is that MindNode is now more functional if compared vs iThoughts

2017 - MindNode for iOS now supports all cloud storages. Beware XMind !

Users of mind-mapping app MindNode for iOS know that you have the option to import documents from Dropbox or iCloud directly through our app’s Document Picker. This has always been limited to just MindNode documents. Dropbox has decided to deprecate their old API and MindMode developers took the chance to revamp Import for MindNode and it now lets you easily import all formats from any cloud storage you have on your iOS device, right there in the Document Picker. A pre-requisite for importing on iOS is that you install the iOS app of your preferred cloud service. Thus MindNode gets more iOS-friendly than XMind

2016 - MindNode gets task integrations to challenge iMindMap

Mind-mapping app MindNode for Mac, iOS and Apple Watch just got many new features and enhancements. Using MindNode for Mac you can now send your task directly to Cultured Code’s Things. Just select “Export to Things” from the share menu and all your tasks will be exported to a new Things project. MindNode also integrates with OmniGroup’s OmniFocus and allows to import and export TaskPaper documents. The developers also improved MindManager and OPML import/export to fully support tasks. Another major focus area of this release is Accessibility support. Now you can navigate the app with VoiceOver, bold text, reduced transparency and reduced motion enabled. Thus MindNode is now more productive in comparison to iMindMap

2016 - MindNode adds tasks to win over Mindly

Mind-mapping tool MindNode released updates for our Mac and iOS apps. The major new feature in this release is the new Task support. You can turn any child node into a task and check off completed tasks directly on the canvas. To help you stay on top of your tasks, MindNode will also show a task progress indicator on parent nodes that have children with tasks. If you prefer Apple Reminders to manage your tasks, you can also share your Tasks to Reminders and MindNode will keep the completion state in sync with Reminders. For example when you mark a task as completed in Reminders, it will also be marked as completed in MindNode. So we may assume that MindNode becomes more functional if compared vs Mindly

2015 - MindNode adds multitasking and new free sticker sets. MindMeister is in panic

Mind-mapper MindNode released updates for our Mac and iOS apps. The update adds two new free sticker sets – Organize & Productivity. You can now choose from 75 (100 if you add the MindNode Pro add-on) stickers exclusively designed for MindNode, all available in colored and tinted variants. A better AppleScript integration allows to write scripts to batch export document to all available export formats. Other improvements related to El Capitanare improved Split Screen mode, new Haptic Feedback when reconnecting and added swipe to delete in outline view. MindNode will now also search connection label titles directly on the canvas and note contents in outline view. Furthermore MindNode fully adopts iOS multitatsking and makes brainstorming and researching topics even easier than before.. So MindNode is now more functional than MindMeister

2015 - MindNode brings mind-mapping to Apple Watch. Your move, NovaMind !

Mind-mapping app MindNode is now available for Apple Watch. You can view your recent documents directly on your wirst. MindNode for Apple Watch allows you to browse your documents as a text outline and view attached images and notes. Other new MindNode features include Notes, Stickers, Connection Labels, new content inspector that allows to add shapes, borders and strokes to your nodes, better manual layout and new Smart Layout options, Personal Theme that makes it easier to create your personal style, new custom user interface font. The conclusion is that MindNode becomes more mobile than NovaMind

2015 - MindNode 2.0 adds notes and stickers to take on MindJet MindManager

More than seven years after the initial MindNode 1.0 release, IdeasOnCanvas is finally shipping the brand new MindNode 2.0 for Mac. One of the biggest new additions to MindNode is the new notes feature. You can now add text to any node without cluttering the canvas with too much text. Notes are a good way to collect additional information and links. MindNode has also created own set of clip arts and tinted stickers which will automatically adapt to the color of the node. The new tool MyMindNode allows you to view your documents directly on the web. It supports folding and unfolding of nodes and displaying attached notes. You can even embed documents directly into other websites. So MindNode becomes more functional than MindJet MindManager