MindMeister vs Mindomo

We've built MindMeister from the ground up to facilitate collaboration. Because of its sleek design and simple to use interface, MindMeister has been positioned as the number one mind mapping and online collaboration tool available today. Behind the product is a very strong team of developers following the company's philosophy of bringing the very latest advancements in web 2.0 technology to you.
From all the mind mapping software apps out there, Mindomo is the most focused on providing the best solution for teachers and students. Collaborative mind mapping, concept mapping, outlining - the best way to understand and learn anything.
MindMeister vs Mindomo in our news:

2018 - Mindomo gets new search functionality

Mindomo's search tool is getting some major improvements. The search now goes through all mind maps, both private and public, and their content. For example, you want to access a map where you put down this week’s to-do list but you can’t remember the title. However, you know that ‘grocery shopping’ was in the mind map. All you have to do is type in ‘grocery’ in the Search bar. First, we will display all your private mind maps that match the keyword in terms of map title, content in topics, notes, comments, and even in the Task Info section. Once you find your mind map and access it, it will always open in a new tab. To make your search results more obvious, we will highlight the keyword everywhere it appears. If the keyword is in the notes, comments, Task Info, and multimedia panels, we will automatically expand the panel.

2018 - Mindomo for desktop gets theme editor

The possibility to create your own personalized map themes comes to Mindomo Desktop. So you can now enjoy the comfort of creating your own themes where you can set the default font size, color, shape, background color, relationships on all topics from a certain level so that when a new topic is added on that level, it will be created with that formatting automatically. To do this, you need to go to Themes, then select Theme editor. You are also able to set your theme as default so every new mind map will be created with this theme.

2017 - MindMeister allows to mindmap in Microsoft Teams to defeate MindMup

Mind mapping service MindMeister added integration with group chat Microsoft Teams. All you have to do is add a MindMeister tab to your channel, and capture all of your thoughts and plans in a mind map. Your conversation can continue uninterrupted, but now everybody in your team can add their input to the map at the same time, to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. The mind map format is great for visualizing project plans, outlining strategies, brainstorming ideas and taking efficient meeting minutes. With MindMeister for Microsoft Teams, you’ll be able to collaboratively create mind maps without having to switch back and forth between the two tools, ensuring that everybody in your team is always on the same page. Thus MindMeister is now more integrated with Office 365 than MindMup

2017 - MindMeister introduced all-new public map library to win over Coggle

MindMeister public mind map library holds close to 400.000 maps, with dozens of new creations added daily. The all-new public map library boosts a fresh and clean UI that’s easier to navigate and uses a YouTube-similar layout that promotes commenting, liking and sharing. While these features already existed in the old library, they are now much more prominent, transforming the formerly passive viewing of maps into an interactive community experience. The featured maps are now divided by categories, so you can now see the top maps for each category at a glance. Clicking on a map thumbnail now opens the map in a separate map view that offers space for lively comment discussions. The mind map itself can of course be viewed right there on the page, and as always, you can zoom in and out, open and close branches, drag the map into a new position, view attached notes, links, videos and more. The conclusion is that MindMeister becomes more marketing-friendly if compared vs Coggle

2017 - MindMeister unifiers apps for iOS and Android to compete with iMindMap

New MindMeister apps for iOS and Android allow to create, edit and collaborate on mind maps, on the move, and with ease. Both new apps feature our fresh new
map selection layout, displaying all mind maps in a grid formation.
Clicking between the tabs will provide you with a list of thumbnail
previews for each of the enclosed mind maps, making searching for and
selecting the right mind map a whole lot faster and simpler. With both apps, users can create and edit mind maps and map folders, collaborate in real-time across the mobile and web versions of MindMeister, share mind maps directly from the device, add icons, colors, styles and map themes, create, view and edit notes, links, tasks and attachments within mind maps, draw connections between nodes, play presentations, export maps in RTF, PDF and PNG format, seamlessly sync maps and folders with your web-based account, use the app as a stand-alone app, without a web-based account. Thus MindMeister becomes more mobile-friendly if compared vs iMindMap

2016 - MindMeister gets new look and feel to win over iThoughts

The mind map editor MindMeister has received a subtle redesign, with a new look for buttons and a few new arrangements in the top, bottom, and on the sides. It finally got rid of the old icon library which used to be displayed in a popover. Now you can just click on the small gray arrow next to the last icon visible in the sidebar in order to toggle back and forth between the normal sidebar and the cool new icon library. The map settings, accessible via the (i) button in the top bar, now contain the map themes and the map alignment options, as well as the map properties. Instead of the alignment options you’ll now find a recenter button underneath the zoom. So we may assume that MindMeister gets more user-friendly if compared vs iThoughts

2016 - MindMeister integrated with Confluence to fight NovaMind

MindMeister, the mind-mapping tool, that already provided add-on for Google Docs and the embed feature for public maps today added integration with Confluence wiki collaboration tool developed by Atlassian which offers a multitude of practical features for teams to create, share and discuss work. MindMeister is now available as an add-on in the Atlassian Marketplace, allowing you to create mind maps in our award-winning map editor without ever having to leave Confluence, and seamlessly embed them in your pages. Thus MindMeister is now more collaborative in comparison to NovaMind

2007 - MindMeister - the new tool for mind-mapping. Beware MindJet MindManager !

The new mind-mapping service MindMeister went live today. It's built to facilitate collaboration and features sleek design and simple to use interface. Among the other features it provides export to MindManager and Freemind, auto-layout on import maps, zoom in/out, overview navigator, many more icons and colors, support for notes on ideas, notifications on map changes by email and text message (text alerts via Twitter). Behind the product there is a very strong team of developers following the company's philosophy of bringing the very latest advancements in web 2.0 technology to you.