LibreOffice vs ONLYOFFICE

Last updated: October 04, 2022

LibreOffice is the power-packed free, libre and open source personal productivity suite for Windows, Macintosh and GNU/Linux, that gives you six feature-rich applications for all your document production and data processing needs: Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Math and Base. Support and documentation is free from our large, dedicated community of users, contributors and developers. The online and mobile version (for Android and iPad) are coming soon
ONLYOFFICE is a cloud business service that enables you to manage projects, customer relations and documents in one place. In other words, you don't need to switch back and forth between multiple applications to perform different tasks. Here you obtain a single multi-featured system to organize every step of your work improving your productivity and optimizing efforts for success.
LibreOffice vs ONLYOFFICE in our news:

2022. ONLYOFFICE Docs 7.2 gets plugin marketplace, new form fields, ligatures, updated UI

ONLYOFFICE has released a new version of its Docs suite with updated UI and new features. The new Plugin marketplace makes plugin installation easy and straightforward. With the brand-new Plugin Manager you can explore all available plugins and install or remove any plugin with just one click. The new Live viewer allows to track changes in document made by other users collaborating in real time (in the view only mode). In text docs, sheets, and slides you can insert and edit spreadsheets as OLE objects. This is a smart way to share statistics in yearly reports, for example. In the Forms tool you can use new fields to create forms more easily and quickly: email address, phone number, and complex field which allows you to compose any custom fields you need. Besides, the new search bar allows to find anything in your documents. On the left-side panel, you can set detailed search options and navigate between results. You can now use the Whole words only option.

2022. LibreOffice begins charging Mac App Store users $8.99

LibreOffice, the popular open source document processing suite, has begun charging users who download the software through the Mac App Store a one-time fee of $8.99. It’s an unexpected step for The Document Foundation (TDF) — the organization behind LibreOffice — which since its inception has made all versions of LibreOffice available at no charge. Italo Vignoli, head of marketing and public relations at LibreOffice, said that the change was reflective of a “new marketing strategy” where TDF will focus on releasing free, community versions of LibreOffice while “ecosystem companies” develop “value-added” releases targeted at enterprise customers. The LibreOffice client on the Mac App Store falls into this latter category because it’s not based on the same source code as the base LibreOffice project

2022. ONLYOFFICE launches online document converter

ONLYOFFICE was always good in supporting Microsoft's office documents. And now using the new ONLYOFFICE converter you can quickly convert your docs, sheets, slides and PDF files from one format to another (for example, from docx to odt), without registering or installing any additional software. ONLYOFFICE supports all the popular file formats for text documents, spreadsheets and presentations, plus PDF files. All documents you upload are encrypted to make sure they are completely safe online.

2019. ONLYOFFICE gets media player, upgraded mail and calendar

The new version of ONLYOFFICE is released with lots of enhancements: more security tools, new access rights to documents, completely upgraded mail and calendar, and other features. Now you can protect log-in procedure with two-factor authentication via an authenticator app, share documents letting users view and add comments, or insert data into the chosen fields only. The new integrated multi-format media player allows to play audio and video files directly in the cloud. Other improvements include completely upgraded Mail module, smarter Projects module, redesigned Calendar, optimized portal management

2017. ONLYOFFICE Editors 5.0 get fully renovated interface

ONLYOFFICE unveiled the new version of its online editors. It added new features and radically changed the interface.  The new interface layout groups editing instruments into functional tabs to make your work more intuitive. The new features allow to see what your doc would look like if you accept or reject changes in Track changes mode, use pivot tables for viewing and +69 formulas in spreadsheet editor, presenter view in presentation editor. New plugins onclude Symbol Table that allows to insert special symbols, become multilingual with Yandex Translator.

2017. ONLYOFFICE integrates with SharePoint

ONLYOFFICE, that competes with Microsoft Office and other alternatives, released an app for SharePoint. So from now companies running SharePoint Server can use the most complete online office suite in SharePoint web interface. ONLYOFFICE is an open-source solution, free for up to 20 users that can be deployed on your private network. It promises 100% compatible with Microsoft Office formats and allows to collaboratively work on Word and Excel documents with a really complex formatting. Besides document editors it provides document management, email client, calendar, project management and community.

2017. LibreOffice released in-house web version with collaborative online editing

Document Foundation released the new version of its open-source office LibreOffice 5.3. It includes a bunch of new features, including a ribbon interface that resembles Microsoft Office. The foundation also made available the LibreOffice Online source code, which can be installed on servers. It noted: “The Document Foundation doesn’t have the resources or desire to set up an online service like Google Docs or Office 365. Instead, it is offering LibreOffice Online code that you can install on your own server. All you need is a single sign-on service and a file sync and storage solution like Nextcloud. Then just install LibreOffice, add users and start collaborating on documents. While individuals can install LibreOffice Online on their own servers, it’s aimed at ISPs and other cloud providers, giving them the ability to offer open source online collaborative suites to compete with Google Docs and Office 365.”

2016. ONLYOFFICE now allows to edit documents offline

ONLYOFFICE released Desktop Editors, an office suite that combines viewers and editors for text documents, spreadsheets and presentations working offline. Desktop editors support Copy/Paste, direct print options, local fonts, language detection. ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors are absolutely free for personal use. For business use the desktop applications are available by subscription: 1 year subscription for $39 and an unlimited subscription for $59. Regular updates and email support are included.

2015. LibreOffice 5.0 includes mobile editor for Android

LibreOffice just got a major update with the release of version 5.0 — and developers claim it will give other productivity suites a run for their money. With this launch the same source code will be used for the desktop version as well as the Android and the cloud versions. That means users will have a similar set of features, regardless of platform. The new version also offers a better interface, better management of screen space and better interoperability with other office suites like Microsoft Office and Apple iWork. There are also virtualization solutions to bring LibreOffice to Chrome OS and iOS, although these are not optimized for mobile. An online version will be available late this year or in early 2016. Version 5.0 also includes mobile clients on Android and Ubuntu Touch (the Ubuntu operating system for mobile), new icons and  improvements to menus and sidebars, improvements to document import and export filters, for an enhanced document conversion fidelity.

2015. Online office suite ONLYOFFICE launched free cloud version

On the occasion of its 5th birthday ONLYOFFICE announced the launch of the free SaaS version ONLYOFFICE Free Cloud. It includes mail server to create corporate mailboxes, 2 GB of Amazon cloud storage space, online editors for text, spreadsheets and presentations, Calendar, Chat, Feed and Mail Aggregator, and 5 full-featured modules: Documents, Projects, CRM, People and Community. ONLYOFFICE Free Cloud is listed on our new website – - where you will find the information about all the solutions provided by ONLYOFFICE at no cost.