Lavu vs Square

Lavu’s iPad POS software contains business specific features that go far beyond what is expected from a standard restaurant point of sale system. A comprehensive routing and delivery system, pizza building module, bluetooth scale integration, remote accesible reports, and extensive customer managment are only a few examples of how Lavu can help you succeed. Lavu is not just for restaurants, we help a variety of businesses:
Accept credit cards on your iPhone, Android or iPad. Send invoices free with Square Invoices. Signing up for Square is fast and free, and there are no commitments or long-term contracts like with alternative services.
Face to face in the news:

2014 - New Square reader accepts chip-enabled cards. Beware Lavu

Payment processing provider Square introduced a new mobile card reader that will accept chip cards. Although the new reader looks strikingly similar to its previous model and still fits in your pocket, it's far more powerful: the reader will actually help users thwart off card fraud and protect sensitive data. Square allows small business owners to accept credit card payments via mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones. One of the major differences is that the new reader requires charging — it comes with a USB port. But considering the heightened benefits of data protection and security, it's just a small extra step merchants need to take to keep the product powered. The new Square reader will be available for pre-order later this year.