Video: Kayako vs Zendesk

Kayako Fusion is a help desk software that lets you manage email, tickets, live chat, calls and remote support. All in one place. Choose between our reliable and secure SaaS cloud platform (Kayako On Demand), or install Kayako on your own server. Kayako free open-source alternatives are osTicket, OTRS, Mantis.
Zendesk is web-based help desk software with an elegant support ticket system & a self-service customer support platform. Agile, smart and convenient. Zendesk free open-source alternatives are osTicket, OTRS, Mantis
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2012 - Why Helpdesk should be Social? to catch up with Kayako

Today's Friday post is dedicated to support agents and those who organize helpdesk service. Here are two interesting stories about why the customer support system should be social. The first story was created by the guys from the helpdesk-service Zendesk (watch video). It's about the support agent who is always hanging on the phone, repeating the same phrases and answering the same questions. The second story is pitched by IBM with really scary title - "The Man Without Email". Here is he:

This is Luis Suarez, who had been working for a long time in IBM technical support and now he is working just as IBM celebrity, known for living outside Email. Instead of email, he responds to all incoming requests only in social networks - Twitter, Facebook and guess what else? That's right, in IBM Connections. And due to the fact that all his answers are public, he rarely receive the same  questions again and again. In result, Luis has a lot of spare time and he even lost 22 pounds!