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August 10, 2023 | Author: Sandeep Sharma
Insightly and are both project management and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platforms, but they have different focuses and feature sets. Insightly is a comprehensive CRM and project management tool that offers features such as lead and contact management, opportunity tracking, pipeline management, task management, and reporting. It is well-suited for small to medium-sized businesses looking for an all-in-one solution to manage their customer relationships and projects. On the other hand, is a versatile project management platform that provides a visual and collaborative workspace for teams. It offers features such as task management, project tracking, team communication, and integrations with various tools. aims to streamline team collaboration, increase transparency, and improve project efficiency.

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Insightly is a great tool to help small businesses deal with the vital task of managing your contacts, organizations, partners, vendors and suppliers. Using CRM best practices, you can see everything about a contact - from background, email history and important dates, to any projects or opportunities in which they have participated
42 is an intuitive team management platform for effective teamwork. Teams use to plan, organize and track their work in one visual, collaborative space.
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2022. introduces monday sales CRM

The renowned project management service,, has recently introduced monday sales CRM, a dynamic customer relationship management (CRM) system designed to streamline all customer-related processes within a single platform. Leveraging's flexible low-code/no-code framework, monday sales CRM offers a fully customizable CRM solution that empowers users to automate repetitive tasks, synchronize their Gmail/Outlook accounts for seamless email communication, and automatically log sent emails. Additionally, the CRM system provides real-time notifications when leads open or respond to emails, facilitates team quota tracking over time, allows for goal setting at both individual and team levels, centralizes post-sale activities for efficient client onboarding, project management, and collection tracking, streamlines the sales hiring process, and equips sales teams with the necessary tools and resources to enhance deal closure rates. The offering includes a free version for up to 2 seats, while the paid version starts at €10 per seat per month.

2020. now lets companies build custom apps has recently unveiled version 2.0 of its highly flexible workflow platform, introducing enhanced capabilities for customers to develop custom apps on the Monday platform. With this update, users are provided with a wealth of resources, including over a hundred prebuilt automation recipes and code-free custom automations. Additionally, the release features more than 50 integrations with various applications, empowering project managers to create sophisticated workflows without the need for coding expertise. Whether it's process management, portfolio management, project management, CRM management, hotel management, or R&D management, offers a code-free environment that enables users to leverage these building blocks and craft tailored applications to fulfill the specific needs of any organization or team.

2019. Workplace collaboration software raised $150M, a rapidly expanding workplace collaboration platform, has recently announced a remarkable $150 million funding round, valuing the company at $1.9 billion. This substantial investment reflects both the platform's current success and the immense potential within the broader collaboration space, particularly in the areas of enhanced team communication and team management. With a customer base now reaching 80,000 organizations, compared to just 35,000 a year ago, serves a diverse range of industries spanning over 200 verticals. Notably, these organizations vary in size, with employee counts ranging from as few as two to as high as 4,000. The impressive clientele includes renowned companies such as Carlsberg, Discovery Channel, Philips, Hulu, WeWork, and numerous Fortune 500 firms. It's worth mentioning that attracts both technical and non-technical companies that rely on software and computers to facilitate their work processes.

Author: Sandeep Sharma
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