Video: IBM Verse vs Lotus Notes

Imagine email that works for you instead of email that makes you work. Guided by analytics, IBM Verse learns your behaviors to adapt to the way you work, wherever you work. And because it's built for business, it understands you have special security and privacy needs, too.
Lotus Notes is the client of a collaborative platform. It's an integrated desktop client option for accessing business e-mail, calendars and applications on IBM Lotus Domino server. Lotus Notes free open-source alternatives are Open-Xchange, Zimbra, SOGo, Zarafa.
Face to face in the news:

2010 - Project Vulcan - the future of IBM Lotus

Project Vulcan

The geek-developer dream comes true: a full-on collaboration environment with an open API and a name right out of Star Trek. Today at the Lotushpere conference IBM unveiled Project Vulcan - the new cloud platform for collaboration and social tools, that is already compared to Google Wave. But unlike Google Wave, Vulcan - is not a separate application, but an integrated environment for all future and existing Lotus apps, including Lotus Notes and LotusLive. Vulcan will be available to developers in the second half of 2010, and meanwhile it will be available to LotusLive Labs team, which has already shown 4 new projects for LotusLive:

- Concord - an online word processor and spreadsheets for LotusLive with collaborative features

- Slide Library - a tool for creating and sharing online presentations

- Collaborative Recorded Meetings - a tool that records web-conferences and transcripts voice to text

- Composer - tool for creating Mashups on LotusLive

Lotus Mobile

In addition, IBM has opened LotusLive API for all developers (previously it was only available for a few, such as Skype and Salesforce), announced a new version of the email-service LotusLive iNotes (with improved support for mobile devices and offline access), and announced a joint project with RIM (now IBM will be selling the Blackberry smartphones with installed Lotus applications: Sametime, Connections and Quickr).

1996 - Lotus Domino II will allow to use browser and E-mail client instead of Lotus Notes to catch up with IBM Verse

Today at PC Expo conference, IBM demonstrated a new version of the Lotus Domino server. The first version of Domino was launched a month ago. It includes an integrated Web server and allows to access information from Lotus Notes through the HTML-browser. The second version of Domino allows users to opt out of using the proprietary protocol and proprietary Lotus Notes client and use browser and any Email client. This is achieved thanks to support of open protocols: TCP / IP, HTTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, LDAP. So IBM will leverage one of the crown jewels of Notes - data replication - for browsers and email clients instead of the Notes client. Domino II - is IBM's answer to the Netscape Intranet, the intranet solution that Netscape is going to release during the next 18 months .