Grasshopper vs RingCentral

June 05, 2023 | Author: Adam Levine
Grasshopper and RingCentral are both popular cloud-based phone systems that offer advanced features for businesses, but they differ in their approach and key features. Grasshopper is designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs, providing a virtual phone system that allows users to make and receive calls using their existing devices. It offers features like call forwarding, voicemail transcription, and custom greetings, making it easy for businesses to establish a professional phone presence. On the other hand, RingCentral is a comprehensive communication and collaboration platform that caters to businesses of all sizes. In addition to phone services, RingCentral provides features like team messaging, video conferencing, and integrations with other business tools. RingCentral is known for its scalability, extensive feature set, and ability to support larger organizations with complex communication needs.

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A virtual phone system can help your business stay organized with many calls coming in. Sound professional and stay connected.
All your communications on one platform. Team messaging with file sharing, tasks and more. All-in-one cloud phone, team messaging & video conferencing. HD-quality video conferencing with screen sharing. Outbound and inbound contact center and digital customer engagement.
Grasshopper vs RingCentral in our news:

2019. Avaya partners with RingCentral to provide cloud offering

After extensive deliberation regarding sale and merger possibilities, Avaya has recently announced a significant strategic partnership with a $500 million contribution from RingCentral. Avaya, having emerged from a bankruptcy filing in 2017, now faces increasing competition from industry giants such as Microsoft Corp and Amazon Web Services. These competitors provide comparable communication services through software deployed within cloud data centers—an area where Avaya has encountered challenges, unlike RingCentral, which is a key player in the field. As part of the agreement, Avaya will leverage RingCentral's expertise in cloud technology to offer a new comprehensive solution. Both companies will contribute funds towards the sales and marketing efforts of this cloud-based product.

2007. RingCentral allows to manage your calls, save money with VoIP

RingCentral, the phone call management service, is introducing a range of VoIP plans known as DigitalLine, providing users with the flexibility to utilize VoIP alongside or in place of their existing landlines. The implementation of the new VoIP system is straightforward and user-friendly. Users have the option to configure incoming calls to be received through VoIP, enabling them to manage and receive phone calls even when they are away from their landline. Additionally, various minute packages are available for making outgoing calls using VoIP, including an unlimited plan for outgoing VoIP calls at an approximate cost of $25 per month. Unlike consumer-oriented VoIP services such as Vonage, Skype, or Comcast's DigitalVoice, RingCentral is primarily targeting the multi-line business community that seeks to efficiently handle multiple lines without the need for additional hardware or staff. This solution is particularly beneficial for small business owners as it offers extensive customization options for handling incoming calls, including the ability to establish advanced rules or dynamically redirect calls using the SoftPhone, a virtual phone call manager.

Author: Adam Levine
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