Google News vs SmartNews

May 26, 2023 | Author: Adam Levine
Google News and SmartNews are both popular news aggregator applications, but they have distinct differences in their features, user interfaces, and content curation methods. Google News is a comprehensive news platform that utilizes artificial intelligence and algorithms to curate and personalize news content from a wide range of sources. It offers a clean and user-friendly interface with customizable news categories and personalized recommendations based on user preferences. Google News provides a wealth of news articles, videos, and publications, giving users access to a diverse range of information. On the other hand, SmartNews is a news app that focuses on delivering trending and breaking news stories from trusted sources. It uses a unique algorithm to curate news articles and prioritize trending topics. SmartNews aims to provide a streamlined and efficient news browsing experience by optimizing page loading and minimizing clutter. It offers a more simplified interface compared to Google News, catering to users who prefer a more curated and condensed news experience.

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Google News
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Google News vs SmartNews in our news:

2023. News aggregator app SmartNews’ latest feature aims to tackle doomscrolling

SmartNews, the news aggregator app, is launching a new feature aimed at addressing the anxiety often associated with constantly consuming negative news, a behavior commonly referred to as "doomscrolling." In contrast to encouraging mindless scrolling through distressing headlines, the new feature, known as SmartTake, promises to provide a curated selection of uplifting stories, editor's picks, informative articles, and soothing visuals all in one convenient place. This represents a notable shift in approach for SmartNews, which has traditionally sent push notifications with news and entertainment headlines designed to entice users to open the app and read, even if the headlines aren't extreme enough to be classified as clickbait. The app's top news section has typically featured attention-grabbing stories, including those related to crimes, kidnappings, accidents, or significant and controversial statements made by public figures and government officials.

2022. Google News redesigned with a cleaner look, more customization options

Google has recently unveiled a revamped version of its service. The updated Google News boasts a streamlined, two-column layout, with a significant enhancement in usability. The navigation elements are predominantly positioned at the top of the page, offering a user-friendly experience. Notably, customization and personalization have been given prime importance. At the top of the page, Google presents "top stories" and "picks for you," while scrolling down reveals a more comprehensive breakdown of the topics tailored to your interests. By clicking on the "customize" button, you have the freedom to modify these preferences. Furthermore, Google has made local news more accessible by incorporating it into the top menu alongside other news categories.

2021. News aggregator SmartNews raises $230 million

SmartNews, a news aggregation website and app that has gained significant popularity despite facing tough competition from built-in aggregators like Apple News, has successfully raised $230 million in Series F funding. The company, originally founded in Japan in 2012, expanded its presence to the United States in 2014 and recently focused on expanding its coverage of local news. While SmartNews benefits from the expertise of its content team, which includes former journalists, it leverages machine learning algorithms to curate articles and personalize the user experience. What sets SmartNews apart is its commitment to counteract filter bubbles through its unique feature called "News From All Sides," enabling users to access news from a diverse range of political perspectives. This approach promotes a well-rounded and balanced news consumption experience.

2020. News reading app SmartNews raises $92M

SmartNews recently concluded a funding round, securing $92 million at a valuation of $1.2 billion. While news aggregation apps were abundant a few years ago, they didn't all become successful ventures, with many being acquired or shutting down. However, SmartNews stands out due to its distinct advantages. Firstly, it leverages machine learning instead of human curation to provide a personalized news discovery experience for each user. Secondly, unlike many news aggregators, SmartNews values its partnership with publishers rather than treating them as mere commodities. Through initiatives like SmartView First, SmartNews collaborates with select publishers such as Business Insider, Bloomberg, BuzzFeed, and Reuters, offering a customized article format that enhances revenue opportunities and provides better analytics.

2018. Google News gets AI-redesign

Google has introduced a new and improved version of Google News that combines the functionalities of Google Play Newsstand and incorporates artificial intelligence (AI). This redesigned service merges elements from Google's digital magazine app, Newsstand, and YouTube, offering users features like "newscasts" and "full coverage" to provide both concise summaries and comprehensive perspectives on news stories. The updated version presents a briefing section at the top of the page, highlighting the five most important stories at the moment, along with additional stories tailored to the user's interests. Leveraging AI technology, the feature analyzes web news content to gather the key information you need to know, including local news and events specific to your area. As you continue to use this personalized version of Google News, its performance will improve over time, thanks to the underlying "reinforcement learning" technology.

2014. News reader Google Currents rebranded to Google Play Newsstand

Google's magazine-like news reading iOS app, Google Currents, is undergoing a redesign and introducing several new features to compete with platforms like Flipboard. One notable addition is the ability to subscribe to specific topics of interest, in addition to subscribing to publishers, blogs, and RSS feeds. Alongside these updates, the app is being rebranded as Google Play Newsstand, aligning with the name change on Android devices. The redesigned iOS Newsstand app includes a revamped top-level navigation system, offering various categories to facilitate managing subscriptions and accessing preferred news content. These categories include a "Read Now" section, guiding users to articles and editions from their current subscriptions, a "My Library" section listing their Newsstand subscriptions, and a "Topics" feature that enables subscriptions to specific areas of interest.

2013. Today Google Reader will be closed. Top 4 alternatives

Despite the fact that many competitors (including Facebook, AOL and LinkedIn) decided to take advantage of the Google Reader closure and started building their own news readers, Google was confident in its decision and today will close the Reader. The second sad news - is that for now there is no decent replacement to Google Reader. So for while RSS users will have to survive somehow and watch the progress of the new RSS services. Perhaps the best replacement to Google Reader right now is Feedly. Three months ago Feedly worked only as a browser plug-in and used Google Reader to pull news. Recently they have launched the full-fledged online service with its own backend. ***

2013. F*ck Google Glass! Top 3 Google Reader alternatives

So, Google is closing Google Reader in order to focus on more important projects, such as Google Glass. If you want to know what Hitler thinks about it - watch the video. May be the numerous petitions will make Google change its mind, but in any case, now it's appropriate to talk about alternative solutions. There are a lot of alternative RSS readers, but basically, these are very weak solutions. It's logical, because there was no sense to seriously develop RSS service, having the free Google Reader as rival. Hopefully, the best alternative to Google Reader will appear in the next 3 months. In the meantime, we suggest three options that look decent right now: ***

2013. Google discontinues Google Reader. RSS - only for smart people.

Today Google has announced that on July 1 it will close its service for reading RSS - Google Reader. We will not discuss the logic of this decision (or lack of it), but the fact is that in recent years Google virtually monopolized the RSS market and now it can simply kill this technology. But may be, on the contrary, this event will attract more smart users to RSS. After all, RSS - is only for smart people. For those who can think, process information and use it for their business, but not just consume what is given. Google says that Google Reader - was not popular enough. May be. But this is right. Only small percent of people wants to own information, do business, change the world. Others - just follow the crowd. ***

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