Video: GMail vs Office 365

Gmail is a free, advertising-supported email service provided by Google. Users may access Gmail as secure webmail, as well via POP3 or IMAP protocols. Gmail's spam filtering features a community-driven system: when any user marks an email as spam, this provides information to help the system identify similar future messages for all Gmail users. Google also provides GMail alternative for business - G Suite Mail.
Microsoft Office 365 is commercial software plus services offering a set of products from Microsoft. Office 365 includes the Microsoft Office suite of desktop applications and hosted versions of Microsoft's Server products (including Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, and Lync Server), delivered and accessed over the Internet, in effect, the next version of Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS). Office 365 free alternatives are Zoho, Google Apps.
Face to face in the news:

2011 - Video-battle: GMail vs Microsoft Office 365

Remember how Mark Benioff laughed at Microsoft's anti-advertising campaign? It turns out that Microsoft also can do similar things. A few days ago Google launched the advertising campaign that encourages users to switch from draconian email systems and their “embarrassingly outdated addresses” over to GMail, which features such niceties as free phone calls and video chat. For this campaign the video (see above) was created. You can see the red link to this video in your GMail-account. But Microsoft, whose Hotmail service is obviously one of the targets of Google's campaign, isn’t keeping quiet. Today another video hit the Web:

This video makes fun of GMail as it parses message text in order to show contextual ads. The video ends with the slogan: "Your email -  is your business. Google makes it theirs. Microsoft Office 365. A better solution for your business".
Although Microsoft hasn’t confirmed that it stands behind the video but the insider sources confirm that it was created inside Microsoft.

2011 - How to backup your GMail account. Office 365 keeps calm

GMail Backup
This morning about 150 thousand GMail users were very surprised to see that all their email history disappeared. And while Google is working to restore the data, it's time to think about safety for those who was not affected. Of course, users of the paid Google Apps may not worry, but if you use a free GMail account, it is recommended to create mailbox backups. And do not panic and insist that SaaS applications - are not safe. If you keep all your mail only in the desktop e-mail client, the probability that your computer glitch and lose your data - is usually not less than the probability of data loss by SaaS-provider. So, there are 3 ways to save your GMail on your computer:

The first option is most obvious - to use a desktop e-mail client (MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird) and download mail from GMail. In this case, you not only protect yourself but also can work with your mail offline. However, not everyone likes to work in a desktop mail client (to open the program every time, wait until the mail is downloaded ...).

The second option is provided by Google itself - Google Gears. In the GMail settings, you can open the Offline tab and enable the offline mode. After that GMail downloads the e-mail history and will sync mail on the server with the local storage each time you log-in. Like with the first option - you can work offline, but maybe your GMail won't work so fast after that.

The third option - to use the GMail Backup. This is a free application for PC, Mac, Linux, which allows you to create a backup copy of your GMail mailbox on a computer. The program saves messages as standard EML files that can be opened in any other e-mail client. Of course, this option is not suitable for offline access and you need to create backups manually from time to time.