Freshsales vs Zoho CRM

July 21, 2023 | Author: Sandeep Sharma
Freshsales and Zoho CRM are both popular customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, but they have distinct features and approaches to cater to different business needs. Freshsales is known for its user-friendly interface and focus on sales automation. It offers sales teams features such as lead scoring, email tracking, and pipeline management, making it a suitable choice for organizations seeking to streamline their sales processes and improve sales efficiency. On the other hand, Zoho CRM provides a comprehensive suite of CRM tools, including sales automation, marketing automation, analytics, and customer support. Its broader range of functionalities and extensive integration options make it a versatile solution for businesses seeking a holistic approach to managing customer relationships across various departments.

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Freshsales is a full-fledged Sales CRM software for your business. You don't need multiple tools to drive sales anymore.
Zoho CRM
Zoho CRM is an alternative online software for SMB that empowers organizations with a complete customer relationship lifecycle management software for managing organization-wide Sales, Marketing, Customer Support & Service and Inventory Management in a single business system.
Freshsales vs Zoho CRM in our news:

2020. Freshworks relaunches its CRM service

Freshworks, the company specializing in customer and employee engagement solutions that encompass a wide range of products, including call center software, customer support tools, HR solutions, and marketing automation services, has announced the launch of its latest offering: Freshworks CRM. Developed on the foundation of the newly introduced Freshworks Neo platform, this new service aims to equip sales and marketing teams with comprehensive tools for gaining valuable insights into their customer base, leveraging the power of machine learning to enhance predictive capabilities. Freshworks CRM essentially represents a rebranding of the company's Freshsales service, complemented by the advanced features of its Freshmarketer marketing automation tool.

2020. Zoho introduced Bigin - pipeline-centric CRM for small business

Alongside the widely-used Zoho CRM, Zoho has introduced Bigin, a new pipeline-centric CRM specifically designed and priced for the requirements of small and micro businesses. Bigin revolutionizes CRM by incorporating a user-friendly interface reminiscent of spreadsheets, making it accessible to anyone without prior CRM knowledge or the need for additional resources to implement the software. During the development of this product, Zoho identified that small businesses were often misled by vendors who offered stripped-down CRM features under the guise of being suitable for their needs. In contrast, Bigin includes crucial features such as multiple pipelines, integrated telephony, and workflow automation, providing small businesses with an optimal feature set for managing comprehensive customer-facing processes within their CRM. Notably, Bigin distinguishes itself as the most cost-effective CRM system currently available, priced at $7 per user per month with annual billing.

2018. Zoho CRM enables to convert website live-chats to phone conversations

Zoho has introduced significant updates to its integrated customer experience platform, Zoho CRM Plus. The latest version not only allows customers to engage with businesses through their preferred channels but also enables seamless channel switching for internal teams. Sales representatives can effortlessly transition from website live chats to phone conversations, support agents can handle calls directly from their ticket interface, and marketers can convert social media interactions into tickets for expedited issue resolution. With the new ASAP plug-in for Desk, customers gain access to quick answers from the company's knowledge base, the ability to create support tickets, and the convenience of chatting with support agents directly on the company website or mobile app. The introduction of Blueprint empowers businesses to build and automate processes that span sales, marketing, and support teams. For instance, a sales order Blueprint can involve both sales and support teams, automatically creating a ticket in Desk when a sales order is approved in CRM, and updating the sales order status to "Delivered" in CRM upon completion of the delivery process in Desk.

2018. Zoho's Zia learned to speak like Cortana

Zoho CRM 2018 has introduced a new update that enhances its AI-powered sales assistant, Zia, by adding voice capabilities. With this update, Zia can now interact with users through both voice commands and chat messages to perform various actions within Zoho CRM. Need to check your schedule for the day? Simply ask Zia. On the move and want to verify if you have enough inventory of a specific product before meeting a customer? Just ask Zia. Want to quickly mark a deal as Closed-Won after a phone call? Let Zia handle it for you. You can engage with Zia using either the voice interface in the Zoho CRM app on your iPhone or Android device, or through the chat bar in Zoho CRM on your desktop web browser. It's worth noting that Microsoft integrated its voice assistant, Cortana, into Dynamics CRM nearly three years ago.

2017. Zoho CRM Plus gets fresh new design

Zoho has introduced an update to its all-in-one customer engagement suite, Zoho CRM Plus. The latest version brings a refreshed interface and a streamlined user experience by eliminating unnecessary clutter. The app selector has been replaced with a new navigation bar located on the left side, offering improved accessibility. With the new Quick Links feature, users can quickly navigate to the specific part of the product they wish to access. Additionally, Zoho CRM Plus intelligently adapts to user behavior, prioritizing recently accessed records and placing them prominently under Recent Items. Furthermore, users now have the convenience of configuring settings for all Zoho CRM Plus apps in one centralized location. The update also introduces advanced filters for cross-app searches, allowing users to retrieve relevant data from different teams within their organization.

2017. Zoho CRM gets a Chrome extension for Gmail

Zoho has developed a Chrome extension that intelligently extracts relevant information from your Gmail and allows you to save it as leads or contacts in Zoho CRM. With Zoho CRM for Gmail, you can instantly view a comprehensive customer profile as soon as you open an email from them. This extension provides various functionalities, enabling you to perform multiple actions. You can choose to convert the extracted details into leads or contacts, and easily access additional information like attached tasks, previous call details, or notes from Zoho CRM. Furthermore, when you click on an email from existing leads or contacts, it displays their associated details. Available in 21 languages, Zoho CRM for Gmail facilitates the timely and accurate entry of lead and contact information into your CRM system, ultimately assisting you in enhancing your ROI.

2017. Zoho CRM gets sticky notes

Post-it notes have emerged as one of the most fortuitous inventions of our time. Numerous companies strive to replicate the influential nature of sticky notes in the digital realm. Zoho has now made this possible by incorporating them directly into Zoho CRM. These digital sticky notes are conveniently placed on top of your dashboard, serving as your personal workspace. Whether you want to jot down spontaneous ideas, organize your daily schedule, or record tasks and reminders, these sticky notes provide a space for capturing all the information you may need to reference later. Accessible in all editions of Zoho CRM, the sticky notes you create remain private and are not visible to other users within your CRM account.

2017. Zoho partners with LinkedIn to integrate Sales Navigator into Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM has gained a new competitive edge over other alternatives. It has introduced a feature called LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator for Zoho CRM, which enables users to network, prospect, and establish relationships within the system itself. With this integration, users can conveniently access all the professional information of their prospects directly from the CRM window, eliminating the need for tab switching. Zoho CRM users can now effortlessly retrieve information about their prospects, such as their profile details, company information, and recent activity updates, from LinkedIn without having to leave their CRM platform.

2017. Zoho CRM got AI assistant

Zoho has introduced Zia, an Artificial Intelligence-powered Sales Assistant for Zoho CRM. With Zia, users can receive notifications when something exceptional or problematic occurs within their sales operations. This intelligent assistant understands users' intentions and assists in accomplishing tasks more efficiently, eliminating the need for prolonged voicemails and unread emails. Over time, Zia learns the most frequent actions performed by individual users on Zoho CRM. Additionally, Zoho has introduced Blueprint, a platform for automating sales processes, and has enhanced two existing features: Zoho PhoneBridge, which integrates a customer's PBX system with Zoho CRM, and SalesSignals, which delivers real-time information about customer and prospect activities.

2016. Zoho CRM 2016 is now available

Zoho has unveiled the latest version of its Zoho CRM. This significant release introduces a range of new features, including multichannel sales, a dedicated email client for salespeople, a marketplace for developers to connect with end users, and more. With multichannel support for phone, email, live chat, social media, and in-person meetings, your team can maximize every interaction at a moment's notice. The newly introduced gamification layer, Gamescope, enables you to create peer-to-peer contests within your teams, making the sales process enjoyable. Utilize badges and trophies to reward best practices, keep your team motivated, identify top performers, and provide coaching insights through Advanced CRM Analytics. Additionally, Zoho Marketplace offers extensions from leading SaaS vendors, such as MailChimp, SurveyMonkey, Zendesk, Eventbrite, Box, DocuSign, SignEasy, Webmerge, and SMS-Magic.

Author: Sandeep Sharma
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