Flexera vs VMware vRealize

July 29, 2023 | Author: Michael Stromann
Flexera and VMware vRealize are both cloud management platforms, but they differ in their focus and features. Flexera focuses on providing comprehensive cloud management solutions with an emphasis on cost optimization, asset management, and governance. It helps organizations monitor and optimize their cloud resources, manage software licenses, and ensure compliance. Flexera offers capabilities to track and manage costs, automate provisioning, and optimize cloud spend. On the other hand, VMware vRealize is a cloud management platform specifically designed for VMware-based environments. It provides a suite of tools for managing virtualized infrastructure, automating IT operations, and enabling cloud orchestration. VMware vRealize offers features such as workload management, self-service provisioning, infrastructure monitoring, and automation.

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Flexera Cloud Portfolio Management accelerates application delivery, gives you control over cloud usage and spend, and ensures application SLAs. Cloud computing presents a new set of challenges as well as cloud solutions for IT. RightScale helps you best manage, govern, and optimize your cloud infrastructure and application portfolio.
VMware vRealize
vRealize Suite is a hybrid cloud management platform that helps IT enable developers to quickly build applications in any cloud with secure and consistent operations.
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2018. Flexera acquires cloud management firm RightScale

Flexera, a company specializing in software asset management, has announced its acquisition of RightScale, a cloud management firm. With this acquisition, Flexera gains a strong foothold in the cloud market and access to a comprehensive management platform to offer its customer base. The companies highlight the compatibility of their technology stacks, which are expected to optimize software and cloud expenditure for organizations. Additionally, RightScale benefits from an expanded sales reach to further grow its business. The integration of cloud and enterprise software management is particularly relevant as companies increasingly leverage a mix of applications and cloud services.

Author: Michael Stromann
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