Draw.io vs Microsoft Visio

draw.io is a free online diagram drawing application for workflow, BPM, org charts, UML, ER, network diagrams. Draw.io is an online image editor that provides its user fast, easy and free way to create simple diagrams without the need to install anything on their computer. Everything that Draw.io offers can be quickly accessed via your web browser.
Microsoft Visio
Create professional diagrams to simplify complex information with updated shapes, collaboration tools and data-linked diagrams. Simplify complex information with professional diagrams you can create in just a few clicks. Visio makes diagramming simple - whether you want to quickly capture a flowchart that you brainstormed on a whiteboard, map an IT network, build an organizational chart, document a business process, or draw a floor plan.
Draw.io vs Microsoft Visio in our news:

2018 - Microsoft Visio integrates with Hololense. Beware OmniGraffle !

Microsoft is putting its AR headset Hololense forward as a way to increase
productivity, quality, and safety by helping companies reimagine
processes, data, and people to accelerate business impact and create
value for customers. In particular, Microsoft Visio has been updated to address intelligent manufacturing
scenarios, including facility layout. Microsoft will be showcasing
Intelligent Manufacturing scenarios supported by Microsoft customer Dürr
AG and incorporating Microsoft Visio Partners FaciWare GmbH (facility
management solutions) and X-Visual Technologies GmbH (PnID solutions). So we may assume that Microsoft Visio gets more innovative in comparison to OmniGraffle

2018 - draw.io allows to automatically create diagrams from CSV files

Many different company departments and professionals work with data that is or can be represented in a table or spreadsheet format, and often, that data is more quickly understood when converted into a diagram. If you want to see that data visually, it’s now easy to import it into draw.io. Each row represents a shape, and the columns contain the shapes’ data. You can see that not all columns are included as data in the diagram – some of these columns tell draw.io how to format the shape, or are used as identifiers for drawing connectors between the shapes. You can set the formatting for the shapes.

2017 - draw.io is now available as a Trello Power-Up

It’s now much easier to keep related draw.io diagrams with Trello tasks – embed one or more  diagrams into any Trello card instead of using a shared folder or cloud file service, or worse, bouncing the diagrams around via email. You’ll be able to collaborate with your team much more effectively and efficiently. draw.io lets you create a wide range of diagrams: flowcharts and BPMN diagrams, mockups and wireframes, UML and ER diagrams, floor plans and electrical circuits, infographics and many more. It has an extensive shape library, robust tools for importing diagrams in other formats, and stores all data within Trello.

2017 - Microsoft launches Visio Online editor to take on Gliffy

Microsoft Visio was the first popular tool for building schemes and diagrams, designing software and site interfaces. But then a lot of online Gliffy (like Gliffy, OmniGiraffe) appeared with collaboravite features, and most users forgot about the heavy Visio. For some reason Microsoft didn't release the online version of Visio together with other Office editors (Word, Excel...). Then, some years later (in 2016) the company launched just Visio Online viewer. And only now Visio Online becomes full-featured app that allows to build and edit diagrams in browser and organize teamwork on them. It costs $5/month per user. The free Visio Onilne viewer is available in almost all Office 365 plans. Thereby Microsoft Visio gets as cloud-friendly as Gliffy

2017 - Visio Online adds new themes, shapes and guides to leave Draw.io behind

Microsoft has updated its service Visio Online that allows anyone to create, edit and share diagrams through any web browser. Users can now create diagrams more easily with the help of Quick Shapes. When they hover over the arrows near any shape, they will see the quick shapes panel. They can select the needed shape and it will auto-connect with their existing shape. Users can use the smart guides to align their shapes. And they can also change connector types according to their needs. Microsoft has also added more shapes to the Visio Online. They can now search for desired shapes using the search-box above shape panel. Apart from the ability to add their own pictures, users can now use the “Find and Add a picture from web” option to add other pictures from the web. Thus Microsoft Visio provides more shapes than Draw.io

2017 - Microsoft Injects Power BI Insights Into Visio Diagrams. Your move, Creately !

Microsoft Power BI users can now link their business analytics to floorplans, business processes and other diagrams created in Visio. Currently available in preview, the new visual allows users to take diagrams created in Visio and use them as a foundation on which to overlay meaningful business insights. Using Visio and Power BI together, you can illustrate and compare data both as diagrams and as traditional Power BI visuals in one place, driving operational and business intelligence to understand the overall picture. You can connect to a Visio diagram hosted on SharePoint or OneDrive for Business. The underlying Power BI data is then automatically and intelligently linked to the diagram based on its shape properties, eliminating the need to do this manually. Thus Microsoft Visio becomes more integrative in comparison to Creately

2017 - Microsoft releases public version of Visio Online for Office 365 commercial users - a new advantage over LibreOffice Draw

Microsoft has pushed out cloud version of Visio, making it available for the first time for paid Office 365 users. A preview version of Visio Online was first made available to a select group of Office 365 users in November and Microsoft utilized their feedback in launching the current version. Like the previous version, the public release is free and aimed primarily at allowing users of the full Visio for Windows application to view and collaborate on Visio diagrams on any platform that can run a web browser. Because Visio Online is just a viewer, you will need to create your Visio diagrams in the full version and then share them using OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online. Once they are available online, then you can also share them using the Visio Online version. Thereby Microsoft Visio gets more cloud-friendly than LibreOffice Draw

2017 - Visio allows to convert process map data in Excel into Visio diagrams - a new advantage over SmartDraw

Microsoft announced a new feature in Visio called Data Visualizer that will automatically convert process map data in Excel into data-driven Visio diagrams. Business Analysts can now visualize process steps and associated metadata in a structured Excel table as Visio diagram. They can do this by using a premade Excel template or an existing spreadsheet of their own design. There is a basic template and then there is another template for cross-functional flowcharts providing a sample mapping table to populate with diagram metadata. The table includes predefined columns for process step number, description, dependencies, owner, function, phase and more. Users can also customize the table with their own columns to meet specific business requirements. The conclusion is that Microsoft Visio gets more integrated with Excel than SmartDraw

2017 - Microsoft Improves Database Diagramming in Visio Pro to win over Balsamiq Mockups

Microsoft is using Visio Pro, the company's diagramming application, to shed light on complex database deployments and businesses processes. The company announced a database reverse engineering tool that allow users to explore the structure of their databases and how the various elements work together. Available in the Database Modeling add-in, the tool supports several popular databases, including MySQL, Oracle, and of course, Microsoft's own SQL Server. Using an intuitive wizard, you can select the source database and specific elements to include in the visual, giving you full control over the resulting diagram. Best of all, the database diagram updates when the source information changes, helping ensure everyone has access to the latest data. So Microsoft Visio has better database diagramming than Balsamiq Mockups

2016 - Microsoft is bringing Visio to Android and Windows Phone to defeate Axure

Just a few weeks after Microsoft started testing Visio for iOS, the company announced that the Visio app will be coming to Android and Windows phones sometime soon. Unfortunately though, there aren’t many details about the app itself. For example, Microsoft is yet to share when the app will be available for download on Windows Phone or even Android. However, what we do know is that the Android and Windows Phone app will have feature parity with the iOS app which is pretty good to know. Visio is an app mostly used for diagrams and charts. Despite its utility, it’s not a very popular app, and many users don’t even know it exists. Visio simplifies complex information through simple, easy-to-understand diagrams, and it a very useful tool for business professionals. The conclusion is that Microsoft Visio is now more cross-platform than Axure