Video: Documentum vs Open Text

Documentum provides management capabilities for all types of content including business documents, photos, video, medical images, e-mail, Web pages, fixed content, XML-tagged documents, etc. The core of Documentum is a repository in which the content is stored securely under compliance rules. This repository appears as a unified environment, although content may reside on multiple servers and physical storage devices within a distributed environment. Free open-source Documentum alternatives - Alfresco, Nuxeo, Liferay Portal.
OpenText products help organizations put content to work. Whether your goal is to drive revenue, improve productivity, reduce costs or ensure regulatory compliance and sound information governance, OpenText has the product to execute. Free open-source Open Text alternatives are Alfresco, Nuxeo, Liferay Portal.
Face to face in the news:

2017 - OpenText acquired forensic security vendor Guidance Software. Documentum keeps calm

Content management company OpenText acquired Guidance Software, a forensic security and eDiscovery vendor for $240 million. OpenText has never been afraid to open its wallet to fill in a hole (or even buy something with overlapping functionality). As a case in point, just about a year ago, it bought Documentum, alternative enterprise content management firm, from EMC for $1.62 billion. This acquisition gives the company some overlapping functionality too, but Cheryl McKinnon, an analyst with Forrester Research who monitors the content management industry, says it also gives the company forensics tools, which are new to them.

2016 - OpenText acquires Documentum for $1.62 billion

OpenText is acquiring Dell EMC's enterprise content division, including Documentum for $1.62 billion. Under the terms of agreement, the software, associated services and employees of ECD will be integrated into OpenText.  The deal comes less than a week after EMC officially became part of Dell. EMC’s content management business did not fit into that mix. EMC acquired Documentum in 2003 for $1.7 billion. Documentum was always an odd fit for EMC and it was no secret that EMC has been trying for the last few years to find a buyer for Documentum. The acquisition further strengthens OpenText as a leader in Enterprise Information Management,  and OpenText is now taking on IBM (FileNet) head to head.

2016 - EMC wants to sell Documentum to catch up with Open Text

EMC is looking to sell Documentum, the company’s enterprise content management product, ahead of Dell acquisition. Documentum is the grandaddy of ECM. It started a market that is beginning to show its age as companies move away from expensive, monolithic tools that take months or years to implement. To its credit over the years, Documentum has tried to keep up — its latest attempt is known as Project Horizon where it tries to move to the cloud and break up the complexity of enterprise content management software. Probably, Dell didn’t see much value in EMC holding onto Documentum, and it will give them one less thing to worry about when the sale goes through at some point this year.

2005 - Documentum gets Intranet collaboration tools. Beware Open Text

EMC has released the new version of its enterprise content management software Documentum 5.3. One of the main features of the new system is the module Documentum Collaboration Services, which allows to organize intranet workspaces for communication and collaboration. These workspaces may contain folders with documents, notes and data sheets, calendars and discussion. Another module EMC Documentum Business Process Engine allows to organize workflow with automated task distribution, prioritization and load-balancing. Besides the new version features the plug-in Documentum Client for Outlook, that allows to access documents and tasks from MS Outlook and easily save emails and attachments to the Documentum repository. Version 5.3 also provides enhanced search engine.

1995 - Open Text acquires LiveLink to keep up competition with Documentum

Open Text logo
Canadian company Open Text, that developes search technologies and intranet solutions for information search and publishing has acquired the U.S. based Odesta, the developer of workflow system LiveLink. Both companies have been already partnering for a long time on a joint solution Latitude LiveLink, which allows to manage documents, business processes and collaboratively work via the Internet and intranet. Latitude LiveLink functionality includes document storage with access control and version control, workflow-engine for workflow management, forums for communication and collaboration and full-text search. In addition, the solution provides a platform for developers, based on C, which allows to customize the interface and business processes to meet the individual business needs.