Dialpad vs Grasshopper

June 09, 2023 | Author: Adam Levine
Dialpad and Grasshopper are both popular cloud-based phone systems that offer communication solutions for businesses, but they have distinct features and focuses. Dialpad is a comprehensive communication platform that provides voice calling, video conferencing, messaging, and contact center solutions. It emphasizes modern and intuitive user interfaces, integration with productivity tools, and artificial intelligence-powered features such as transcription and voice recognition. Dialpad is suitable for businesses of all sizes looking for a unified and feature-rich communication solution. Grasshopper, on the other hand, is a virtual phone system that offers a professional phone presence for small businesses and entrepreneurs. It provides features like call forwarding, voicemail transcription, and business texting, with a focus on simplicity and mobility. Grasshopper is designed for small businesses seeking a professional phone system without the need for complex communication features.

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A virtual phone system can help your business stay organized with many calls coming in. Sound professional and stay connected.
Dialpad vs Grasshopper in our news:

2020. Dialpad raises $100M Series E at a $1.2B valuation

Dialpad, a voice, video, and contact-center service tailored for businesses, has successfully raised $100 million in Series E funding. With this latest investment, the company's valuation has surpassed $1.2 billion, following a total funding of $245 million. Notably, this funding announcement closely follows Dialpad's acquisition of the video conferencing service Highfive, a strategic move that bolsters its capabilities in mobile video and conference room devices. In recent times, Dialpad has placed significant focus on its AI solutions. In 2018, the company introduced its VoiceAI service, and it has since expanded its offering to include various AI-powered features under its Voice Intelligence service, known as Vi. These features encompass a note-taking service, call transcripts, sentiment analysis, and more. Note: The provided link is a placeholder and may not lead to the actual website.

2020. Dialpad acquires video conferencing service Highfive

VoIP provider Dialpad, known for its popular video conferencing service UberConference, has recently completed the acquisition of Highfive, a well-funded startup specializing in video conferencing solutions for conference rooms. With this strategic move, Dialpad is significantly reinforcing its focus on video capabilities. Although UberConference already includes video conferencing features, it has primarily gained recognition for its calling features. Alongside its conference call solutions and VoIP platform for businesses, Dialpad also provides a comprehensive contact center solution.

2018. Dialpad acquired AI-startup TalkIQ

Dialpad, the platform for business communications, has made an acquisition to leverage artificial intelligence capabilities. The company has acquired TalkIQ, which specializes in capturing voice data in nearly real-time and applying sentiment analysis and analytics. This integration of AI technology allows for real-time feedback and provides valuable insights for customer service operations. Managers can receive guidance on when to intervene during a call. The functionalities of TalkIQ will be seamlessly integrated into the suite of Dialpad apps, including voice and video communication, customer service call center management, and UberConference for conference calling.

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