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Connect to your customers on Facebook and Twitter as easily as on traditional support channels like email, phone and web. organizes all of your support in one place so you can respond efficiently wherever your customers reach out.
Salesforce Service Cloud
With the Service Cloud you can meet customers wherever they are—including social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Your agents also benefit from employee social networks that help them work together like never before. And because you get all the features a social contact center needs, your customers experience amazing service on any channel.
Face to face in the news:

2016 - Salesforce adds messaging to Service Cloud. should better react

Salesforce launched LiveMessage, a tool that helps customer service reps manage messaging traffic just like any customer interactions in Service Cloud. It supports SMS/MMS and Facebook Messenger, but over the next year the company expects to add support for other message apps, as well. This new functionality is built with technology that came from the HeyWire acquisition in September. All of the message traffic, regardless of the tool, appears in a tabbed view in Service Cloud, just as it does with phone or web chats.

2015 - integrates with Salesforce IQ

Salesforce has introduced an integrated product combining Salesforce IQ CRM and customer service — its tools aimed at small businesses. By integrating the two, sales and service reps can get a full picture of the client across multiple channels, something that has previously only been available to much larger business using enterprise software that’s way out of reach of most small business owners. What this means is that sales reps working in SalesforceIQ can see notes and interactions that customer service had with the customer and CSRs working in can see the buying history of the customer.

2011 - #OccupyTheEnterprise vs KLM Surprise: what will you choose? to keep up with

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff can use any news or events for his marketing purposes. In his latest speeches, Mark is  talking about the well-known social movement Occupy Wall Street. As you know, this demonstration was organized mainly via the social networks, and in particular thank to the Twitter hashtag #OccupyWallStreet. "Look, what social networks can do" - says Benioff - "they can overthrow governments. And they also can easily destroy your business. Ignoring social networks - is ignoring your customers." Benioff has launched his own Twitter hashtag #OccupyTheEnterprise and scares enterprises with it. And from the other hand, he cites the example of using social networks by the Salesforce client  - KLM airlines.

It's a great example of how to improve customer loyalty using the social networks. KLM has launched the campaign KLM Surprise (see video). With the help of Salesforce Service Cloud and the social monitor Radian6 the KLM employees find in Twitter the passengers who currently sitting in the airport or arriving. They study the social profiles of these people and select small gifts for them. For example, a sporty woman is sitting in the airport and writing about it in Twitter. In a few minutes KLM representative finds here and presents some accessory for running. Of course there is no limit for her surprise ...