Crittercism vs Flurry

Last updated: May 11, 2015

Crittercism was built up from the ground specifically for mobile. Crittercism is a complete Mobile Application Performance Management (mAPM) solution that monitors both errors within the app as well as cloud services that interact with the app.
Flurry’s mission is to optimize the mobile experience through better apps and more personal ads. Our market leadership in mobile analytics means data is at the center of everything we do. We turn this insight into accelerated revenue and growth solutions for publishers and developers, and more effective mobile advertising solutions for brands and marketers.
Crittercism vs Flurry in our news:

2015. Flurry to provide analytics for Apple Watch app developers

Mobile analytics service Flurry, owned by Yahoo, is adding support for Apple Watch. For those developers who are building apps for the Apple Watch ecosystem, it’s important to understand how users are engaging with these new small-screen applications, as user behavior and the metrics that matter are likely to be very different from those for smartphone applications. With the newly introduced Apple Watch metrics, developers can now track new users, active users, the total event occurrences by day, the daily average event occurrences, daily average unique event users, and the percentage of app users engaging with the watch extension. This news follows mobile marketing firm Fiksu’s announcement this week that it would allow developers to track Apple Watch events, as well as Kochava’s earlier move into this space. App Annie also recently updated its Store Stats to track Apple Watch. But as one of the larger players in terms of mobile analytics, Yahoo Flurry’s support will likely reach a wide range of app developers.

2014. Yahoo acquired mobile analytics service Flurry

Yahoo is buying Flurry, the mobile app analytics and advertising startup, with a price that could be anywhere between $200-$300M. Flurry works with some 170,000 developers, picking up data from 150 billion app sessions each month, to provide information to app publishers about their audiences, app usage and app performance, providing insights to improve how apps work. And to improve how apps make money. Flurry uses that data, for example, to power its advertising platform, which is used by brands to target specific audiences on apps in Flurry’s network, and by developers to monetise their apps with more relevant inventory. What Flurry can give to Yahoo is not just a boost in mobile advertising revenues, but, as Yahoo builds out its ad tech business, a more central role in how others are monetising and using mobile.