CipherCloud vs Netskope

CipherCloud enables cloud adoption while ensuring security, compliance and control. Delivers comprehensive and precise visibility into all cloud applications in use and assesses their risk based on business, data & compliance criteria. Ensures all data protection policies are enforced, prevents unauthorized access, with data loss prevention, encryption, tokenization, and key management.
Netskope is the leader in cloud based security services. Our cloud security brokers empower your business by providing complete visibility & protection. Netskope automatically discovers and gives you analytics and policy enforcement in real-time and across any app, whether you manage it or not. That’s how cloud security solutions should work.
CipherCloud vs Netskope in our news:

2020 - Cloud security provider Netskope hauls in another $340M

Netskope, that focuses on cloud security, has raised another $340M. From the start, Netskope has taken aim at cloud and mobile security, eschewing the traditional perimeter security that was still popular when the company launched in 2012. Legacy products based on traditional notions of perimeter security have gone obsolete and inhibit the needs of digital businesses. Today’s urgent requirement is security that is fast, delivered from the cloud, and provides real-time protection against network and data threats when cloud services, websites, and private apps are being accessed from anywhere, anytime, on any device

2014 - CipherCloud gets $50M to encrypt corporate data in the cloud

CipherCloud, that specializes in securing an organization’s cloud environment through encryption and monitoring services has landed a $50 million series B funding round. Customers use CipherCloud’s security system to track whoever is accessing sensitive information stored in various cloud services like and Box. If someone is snooping around Salesforce who shouldn’t be, the security system can detect that something looks fishy and will alert the company. CipherCloud can also encrypt corporate data in real time so that the information remains safe from prying eyes as it’s delivered to the cloud.