Cashboard vs Freshbooks

Cashboard lets you view your team's performance on estimates vs actual hours. Manage and approve all of your employee's time entries before invoicing. Easily see how much you're making vs the amount you're paying workers with our Cash Stats reports.
FreshBooks is an online invoicing software as a service for freelancers, small businesses, agencies, and professionals. The product includes a myriad of other related features, such as time tracking, expense tracking, recurring billing, online payment collection, the ability to mail invoices through the U.S. Post, and support tickets.
Cashboard vs Freshbooks in our news:

2015 - Freshbooks allowed to invoice clients faster

Online accounting software FreshBooks has added three improvements to make your billing speedier than ever before. With a new search box at the top of the list, you can simply start typing the client you’re looking for and only the people that match your search criteria will appear.  Adding a new client right from the New Invoice screen also becomes easier. Now the “New Client” field is right up at the top of your client list to help make creating new clients just that much easier. Besides, now when you update your client’s contact information (such as their address or phone number), the changes will now immediately appear on all unsent invoices for that client. Older invoices that have already been sent will retain the old information by default, although your can manually update them if needed. So if you’re not a fan of doing things twice, this is particularly good news.

2009 - FreshBooks comes to Salesforce AppExchange

FreshBooks, the popular Web-based invoicing software, today announced the CRM integration. This new app is a match made in heaven, for sales at least. The FreshBooks Connector for
Salesforce allows an enterprise to smoothly create an invoice for a
contact or opportunity within their CRM. In terms of functionality, it looks like converting contacts and
opportunities in to invoices is fairly easy. In addition
to simply moving data from one platform to the other, the Connector
creates a tab within your CRM to monitor activities on your 20 most
recent invoices. There's a 15-day free trial for the app, but after
that it'll cost you $50/month per organization.

2009 - FreshBooks adds collaboration features

FreshBooks, SaaS invoice application, is adding a new networking feature to
its software that allows freelancers and small businesses to work with
each other directly within the program and share this information
freely. Through the “Contractor” feature, FreshBooks users can create
and share client projects across FreshBook accounts, with multiple
users able to access different accounts. Formerly, FreshBooks users
couldn’t collaborate on projects across the Internet. The Contractor feature also facilitates real-time project tracking,
giving businesses visibility into a contractor’s progress on a project.

2009 - FreshBooks - online billing for small business

There are a lot of online billing services on the Web and each offers its own mix of usability and applicability to a business. But if you're looking for something simple that will make it easy to monitor your billing cycles, FreshBooks is a good place to start. FreshBooks makes it simple to manage clients, projects, and most importantly, invoices. The tool generates recurring invoices and automatically bills customers. And it's relatively affordable: you can pay nothing if you need basic invoicing or pay up to $149 per month if you want more employees to access the account. Aside from being able to import from and export to QuickBooks and CSV files, the tool automatically integrates with payment processing solutions like PayPal and its design makes completing your invoicing tasks quick and easy.But the most useful feature is its tracking. If you're using a crude system for billing, you probably have some trouble remembering when or if you were paid. FreshBooks eliminates that issue and provides a menu pane showing outstanding payments and historical payments so you know when money is coming in. And if you're worried about the look of your invoice, you can customize it any way you'd like and even input your company logo.

2008 - Online Invoicing Service FreshBooks Takes Industry Benchmarks Public

Online invoicing and business time management service FreshBooks
today is introducing quarterly anonymized benchmarks for industries
involving Web development, IT, design, marketing, and other services. Why? To give the public at large a numerical hold on reported
financial statistics as seen sector by sector. The thinking is that
benchmarks help businesses reach goals (or keep above the fold), and so
FreshBooks is placing a series of digits in public view to facilitate
this processes, all from the pool of data garnered through its
Whatever the focus of your business, you’ll always have some level
of competition to contend with. It’s inevitable, really. It is what
gives industry its name. So the more information you have about your
performance relative to others is naturally a good thing. And while too
much data can conflict with the interests of numerous parties involved
directly or indirectly in the effort to aggregate material, the
generalization employed by FreshBooks
ends up being something of an aid to all - that goes for the
contributors as well as the consumers. It helps put things in
perspective, more or less, which is really how company managers make
sense of their surroundings, both immediate and far-reaching.

FreshBooks wouldn’t be able to compile a truly qualitative level of
information if it were a small operation in and of itself. It counts
some 500,000 users to date, a collection of members to which it has
given these very data points that it is now delivering to the public
for the past year and a half. So, might this be considered a teaser to
Perhaps. The numbers given by FreshBooks today are sourced via the
platform, so there’s clearly a sales pitch to be had here. However,
even with Freshbook’s own marketing push, there’s value to be had. For
some users it may not be giving enough. Others may regard it as
needlessly generous. But it’s probable that a healthy majority will
take FreshBooks’ slightly open approach with open arms. It’s hard to
see any outstanding negatives, and the positives are quite clear. The
benchmarks are concise and presumably helpful to some, if not many. A
smart move on FreshBooks’ part, for sure.

2007 - Freshen Up Your Invoicing with Basecamp-Freshbooks Integration

Invoicing through your Basecamp projects just got a whole lot fresher. FreshBooks, the online invoicing and time tracking tool, has just announced that they have integrated with Basecamp.
The new integration will offer increased productivity with users of Basecamp having the ability to invoice projects directly through their FreshBooks account. FreshBooks picked two workflow scenarios that should meet the most important needs of 80% of users. The first system integration from Freshbooks is the ability to generate invoices based on time entries or To-Do lists. Project importing is the second integration. This allows Basecamp projects to become FreshBooks projects; To-Dos in Basecamp become tasks in FreshBooks.
FreshBooks’ new build certainly sounds like it will speed up the process of invoicing, while streamlining Basecamp users’ invoicing tasks. Things look pretty straightforward to set up through the Freshbooks interface.

2006 - FreshBooks, a refreshingly straightforward invoicing service. Zoho Books is in panic

FreshBooks is another online invoicing service for small businesses. Like Blinksale and Simplybill, which also prepare invoices online, it's a somewhat spare utility that does just one business function. But this one's feature set is not quite as spare the other utilities. There are more options for managing clients, projects, and contacts. The product will generate recurring invoices and auto-bill customers. There are several useful reports you can run. There's a rudimentary time-logging function (useful for billing services). There's even a support ticket module, although Iým not sure this belongs in an invoicing utility but I guess if a support issue is causing a customer to not pay you, you might want to track it here. The service is free to use indefinitely, but limits you to 3 client accounts. Paid versions start at $14 a month and allow you to bill more clients and have more users at your business working on the system. If you are looking at online invoicing systems, definitely try this product.