Breezy HR vs Greenhouse

Last updated: May 12, 2015

Breezy HR
Recruiting software for small teams doing big things. A uniquely simple, visual recruiting tool you and your team will love. Effortless candidate management with our drag & drop interface. Collaborate with your team and candidates in real-time.
Greenhouse is software to optimize your entire recruiting process. Find better candidates, conduct more focused interviews, and make data-driven hiring decisions.
Breezy HR vs Greenhouse in our news:

2015. Breezy HR unveiled iPhone app for mobile recruiters

Breezy HR released a new iPhone app along with a video-calling feature for its core recruiting product. Breezy’s iPhone app matters to the service, because mobile is an important part of the recruiting lifecycle, and that the application will provide hiring teams and candidates a real-time touch point for their most common and time expensive tasks. The company’s addition of video chatting to its core service matters because face-to-face connections are key to help determine soft skills and culture fit. Breezy is currently focused on small and midsize companies that have between 50 and 300 employees and has oodles of competition, large and small, both selling products directly competing with its recruitment tool, and in related hiring areas.

2015. Recruiting app Greenhouse scores $13.6M

Recruiting service Greenhouse has raised a $13.6 million Series B. Greenhouse grows companies’ recruiting efforts in three ways. It aggregates a company’s job candidate sources like referrals, events, job boards, external agencies and social media into one hiring dashboard. From there, companies can A/B test their job listings and have their existing employees sent openings. For interviews, Greenhouse helps businesses structure their questions and how they’re asked so every candidate gets a fair playing field, and scoring answers is easy with its decision-making tools. Greenhouse makes it quick to compare candidates against each other and the desired role, as well as assess how the company is doing versus industry-hiring benchmarks. Greenhouse has 450 customers, including Evernote, Zenefits and Venmo.