Bomgar vs Microsoft Remote Desktop

Secure Remote Support for Desktops and Devices. With Bomgar, support organizations can access and support nearly any remote computer or mobile device. Troubleshoot PCs and servers, provide remote assistance, train remote employees, or perform system maintenance, all with the highest levels of security.
Microsoft Remote Desktop
With the Microsoft Remote Desktop app, you can connect to a remote PC and your work resources from almost anywhere. Experience the power of Windows with RemoteFX in a Remote Desktop client designed to help you get your work done wherever you are.
Bomgar vs Microsoft Remote Desktop in our news:

2014 - Symantec discontinued pcAnywhere. Recommend Bomgar instead

Symantec announced that its remote control stand-alone product pcAnywhere is no longer available, and as of next Nov. 3, it will pull the plug on support. Fortunately, Symantec has been working to provide customers with a smooth way to migrate. The company is recommending pcAnywhere customers upgrade to the Bomgar Remote Support Solution, and has partnered with Bomgar to offer customers preferred pricing. Additionally, pcAnywhere has faced security breaches of its own in the past. Back in 2012 Symantec advised pcAnywhere customers to disable their software after its enterprise security source code was stolen and posted on the web. Bomgar’s solution, on the other hand, uses an appliance-based model. Unlike a point-to-point model, which requires firewall configuration changes to work over the internet, Bomgar does not require firewall changes because both the customer and support rep connect to the appliance via outbound connections.

2013 - Microsoft released Remote Desktop app for iOS and Android

When you working at office, you probably using desktop PC. And when you go out of the office, you probably take your iPad or Android-tablet. And, probably, sometimes you have problems because of that. For example, you forget to copy file to the tablet, or copied it, but it does not open on tablet. But what if you could remotely open your desktop screen on the tablet and work with it as if you are in the office? You could open all files, applications, and don't care about the differences of operating systems. This trick can be done by the Remote Desktop apps. Microsoft has just released such app for iOS and Android. Of course, some similar apps existed until now, but it's always nice to have the official version. Especially because it's free. Maybe it's a small compensation for those, that can't help waiting for MS Office version for the iPad and Android-tablets.