Blue Jeans vs GoToMeeting

Blue Jeans
With our cloud-based video collaboration service, you can forget about needing any additional hardware or software. Simply combine a Blue Jeans account with a video-enabled device and Internet access, and you have a quick and easy formula for effortless video conferencing
GoToMeeting allows you to host an online meeting with up to 15 people – so you can do more and travel less. Using our web conferencing tool, you can share any application on your computer in real time. Attendees join meetings in seconds. Enable high-definition video conferencing with one click.
Blue Jeans vs GoToMeeting in our news:

2019 - GoToMeeting improved AI-transcription in videoconferencing software

LogMeIn announced the new version of GoToMeeting, that focuses on delivering a simple, intuitive end-user experience, while giving IT even more control over deployment, management, and security. In this new release, GoToMeeting has launched a series of updates to improve the ease of the collaboration platform for IT and users before, during and after the meeting: completely reimagined video-first design (unified on all devices), unparalleled quality audio, real-time notes, AI-powered transcription. Hosts can now create multiple personal meeting rooms with custom branding for teams to jump in and collaborate instantly at any time. GoToMeeting has also updated its popular calendar plugins and integrations with Office 365 and Outlook, GSuite Calendar, Salesforce, and more and continues to support integrations with tools like Slack and Zoho.

2018 - GoToMeeting added AI transcription, Amazon Alexa integration

LogMeIn has updated its GoToMeeting video and audio conference platform with new features that include a text chat function, AI transcription service and integration with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. The Business Messaging feature lets employees chat one-to-one or in groups with each other or with external clients using the new GoToMeeting desktop application or a standalone mobile app. Users can jump from a message thread directly into a video or audio conference with one click. The Smart Meeting Assistant transcribes meeting audio, storing the text in the cloud for subsequent sharing. This means that meeting attendees won’t need to worry about taking notes and can focus on discussions with colleagues. Thereby GoToMeeting gets more smart in comparison to WebEx

2017 - GoToMeeting unveiled conference room solution to win over Blue Jeans

GoToMeeting launched GoToConference - all-in-one hardware system that lets you set up a small
to mid-sized conference room to be ready to join and host meetings in
an instant. More affordable and less difficult than Blue Jeans, GoToConference brings high-quality video and audio to your meetings rooms. The devices work together seamlessly, so an IT or AV tech can set up a video conferencing hub in minutes. Connect the devices to a screen, turn them on and call it a day.  The GoToConference bundle comes with the hardware and software you need to set up a huddle room in minutes. It’s easy to start a meeting or invite others to join − just click Start or enter a meeting ID. GoToConference includes: USB conference phone, 1080p HD Logitech webcam, Chromebox computer, wireless keyboard and touchpad, GoToConference subscription.

2014 - GoToMeeting comes to Android smartwatches. Beware Blue Jeans

Videoconferencing app GoToMeeting added support for Android Wear smartwatches. The new app is already available on Google Play and works with Android Wear watches including the Samsung Gear Live, Moto 360, and LG G Watch. With this GoToMeeting app, the watch is a second (or third) screen, offering only simple playback control. Citrix doesn’t expect users to conduct business from their wrist, but rather use their phone or computer for more important tasks than joining bi-daily sales calls.

2014 - Citrix launched free version of GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is one of the most popular services for video calls, web-conferencing and webinars. Even though it's not so cheap, companies are willing to pay for it because the quality of communication is really important for online meetings. And now Citrix is launching the free version of the service - GoToMeeting Free, which allows to conduct online meetings with up to three participants. The app is built on the basis of the Chrome browser and it doesn't require registration, download and installation of additional software or browser extensions. You just press the "Start Meeting" button and get the meeting link, which you can send to one or two co-workers. However, this service is purely for video chat. It doesn't provide any web-conferencing collaboration tools which GoToMeetings is famous for.

2011 - GoToMeetings adds HD-video. Goes apart from Skype?

Last March, before Skype was acquired by Microsoft, it announced that the GoToMeating
web-conferencing tools will be integrated into Skype's client. It could
be a logical partnership because GoToMeeting and Skype are often used
together to organize online meetings. But then Microsoft bought Skype,
and apparently the plan was changed. After all, Microsoft and Citrix
(the owner of GoToMeeting) - are more rivals than friends. Anyway,
yesterday GoToMeeting launched the new version with its own video tool
called HDFaces. Moreover, HDFaces can not just replace Skype for
GoToMeeting users, but also compete with Skype in the global enterprise
video meating market.
HDFaces supports up to 6 concurrent participants, with a maximum
resolution 1920x960 pixels. I.e. the quality of the video call is
potentially much better than in Skype. Video streams can be displayed in
a separate window or on a separate screen. The video stream of the
current speaker is automatically highlighted. At the same time, video
conferencing is available absolutely free of charge for all GoToMeeting
users (and the cost of GoToMeeting is $49/month per 15 users)

2011 - Skype to add web-conferencing powered by GoToMeeting, not Webex

Skype GoToMeeting

Recently Skype is intending to increase profits by expanding its business services. Skype already offers to business the VoIP service, IP-PBX integration and group video conferencing. And it would be very logical to add web-conferencing to this list, because many Skype partners (like Yuuguu, Yugma, Mikogo) are already earning on it. As known Skype almost 2 years ago added the screen-sharing feature. But it would be a shame to charge money for it. Firstly, it is the very basic implementation of screen-sharing without application selection, screen annotations, granting mouse control... Second, Skype's screen-sharing only works in one-to-one sessions and doesn't work simultaneously with video calling. So, finally, Skype has decided to pump-up and sell this feature and surprised everyone by announcing the partnership with Citrix GoToMeeting.

It is surprising that Skype, having enormous resources, is not trying to implement the web conferencing on its own or even to buy one of the startups that offer Web conferencing as add-on to Skype. Even more surprising is that they have chosen Citrix GoToMeeting but not Cisco as a partner. Because last year Cisco almost acquired Skype, and Cisco's top manager Tony Bates became the new Skype CEO. And now this guy, Tony Bates, is partnering not with familiar Cisco Webex but with its main competitor - Citrix GoToMeeting.

Meanwhile it is unknown how the joint solution of Skype and GoToMeeting will look like. Maybe they just integrate authorization and billing. I.e. Skype users will be able to login in to GoToMeeting with their Skype credentials, initiate online meetings directly from Skype and pay for web conferencing from their Skype accounts (currently GoToMeeting costs from $49/month for 15 users). Or may be, Skype will use GoToMeeting's technology and platform to create its own web-conferencing tool and will pay royalties to Citrix. The companies promise to show the result only in the 4 th quarter of this year, so that the second option - is more likely.

2008 - Online Meeting App Study: GoToMeeting Tops Yugma?

I’m a big fan of online meeting and collaboration tools. Among other
things, they’ve saved me from some of the many flights and hotels that
I used to have to put up with. I found this comparison of online meeting tools interesting.I’m always wary of whether these kinds of studies may be funded by
vendors rather than independent. However, the results of this study–at
least among the winners–lined up at least reasonably closely with my
experience with the applications tested. The test approach
for the study is found here. The winners in the study tended to be the
professional (paid) versions of applications, instead of the free ones
that I use, but that’s understandable since paid versions of online
meeting applications often allow for extras such as up to 1,000 meeting
participants–an extra that I don’t need. So who were the winners and
did they win for good reasons?
Citrix GoToMeeting was the winner in the
study, and I used to use that application constantly, and still like
it. It is excellent for doing online demos of software applications,
you can get in and out of it quickly, and it’s easy to send people
links to launch meetings. It’s no longer my favorite, though.
The next four among the top five in the study were: WebEx MeetMeNow,
Yugma Professional, Netviewer one2meet, and Microsoft Office Live
Meeting. Of these, I have used all of them except one2meet. I was
particularly glad to see Yugma there, which has remained among my
favorite online meeting applications, as I wrote about here.
This study named the Professional edition of Yugma among the
winners, but Yugma also comes in a very useful free version, which is
what I use. You can launch meetings with it about as easily as you can
ping a buddy through an IM buddy list. The study also called out one of
the best things about Yugma–that it works well on Windows, the Mac and
on Linux.
I strongly disagreed with one choice made in the study: It didn’t even include Dimdim, the best open source online meeting application. On the OStatic blog, we wrote about some of the really good new features in the new version 4.0 of Dimdim. For example, you can now record meetings in Dimdim, and it now supports Mac desktop sharing.
For anyone who isn’t using these collaboration tools, I would start
by getting to know the free version of Yugma, and open source Dimdim.
Yugma is particularly good if you want to get in and out quickly, and
do cross-platform meetings.

2008 - GoToMeeting comes to Mac and adds full VoIP

Citrix has just released version 4 of GoToMeeting (and ver.2 of GoToWebinar)
which adds to an already outstanding screen-sharing tool, full 100% Mac
compatibility and integrated VoIP, among some other smaller new
features. With this release GoToMeeting strengthens its position as a
the leading and best performing screen-sharing technology I have seen
so far while introducing two powerful additions that are hard to
compete with.The new GoToMeeting release offers even more than
one could have expected in this new version, which attempts to further
streamline and simplify the already cool and slick interface while
throwing in some heavy new features and improvements.
I think you will like what I have to show.
Here all the details:

GoToMeeting 4 - New Features
100% Mac Compatibility
The new GoToMeeting 4 is now 100% Mac-compatible,
allowing Mac users to host a screen-sharing session or to receive
presentation rights from a PC user. Not only. The new VoIP feature is
also integrated in the Mac verson of GoToMeeting, allowing full voice
over IP audio for both presenters and attendees also for them. The only
major feature that hasn't made it yet to the Mac platform is the
recording, but according to the Citrix GoToMeeting team this should see
the light pretty soon in one of the upcoming minor upgrade releases.
Integrated VoIP
Probably too long-awaited to have the impact and
the benefits that this was planned for, the addition of VoIP to
GoToMeeting is probably the second most interesting feature in this new
release. Being this the first release of the voice feature for Citrix,
one cannot expect it to be perfect from day one. And in fact, if you
have gotten yourself used to use Skype together with GoToMeeting (a
perfect match) I do not think you are going to find the new integrated
VoIP solution any better than the manual mashup you have used until
now. The GoToMeeting VoIP facility works, but it is not as good, solid
and reliable as what most everyone has come to expect from a VoIP call.
Skype has long earned its crown in this area, and any competing effort
will have to take very seriously into account that unless you offer
something as good as or better than Skype, people will not bother using
your newly added VoIP.
As a matter of fact in my own initial tests of GoToMeeting 4, I have
had to give up on using the native G2M VoIP facility and switch back to
Skype which offered much better audio quality and performance.
I would expect Citrix to refine and improve VoIP
markedly in the coming weeks, but again my sensation is that this has
been done too late and not with a killer solution. It is very difficult
to switch user habits once they have settled on some tools that do
efficiently what they need.

Additional New Features

Attendee Audio Controls and Advanced Audio Monitoring
Much better attendee audio controls are now available
making it possible for the host / presenter to easily identify among
the attendees who is talking or making noise, and to as easily mute any
or all attendees until desired.

One-click Recording
G2M v.4, integrates like its previous version a
full recording facility which is capable of memorizing both the visual
sessions as well as the audio from your presentation. Recordings can be
rendered either in the native GoToMeeting format, which can be replayed
back in a GoToMeeting session as well as in the standard Windows Media
Video file format.

Floating Control Panel

The new GoToMeeting 4 sports a fully floating control panel
which can now be easily moved to any position you want on the screen.
As before, wherever you place the control panel the attendees to your
presentation will not ever see it. It remains completely invisible to
A new site service from Citrix makes it also easier to log in into any G2M-based presentation. Just communicate the meeting code and send your contact to
and the only thing they can do there is to input the meeting code you
have just given them. With one click then they are in. Great idea to
simplify the log in process. Bravo Citrix.

Edit Countries International
However amazing it may sound, if you choose to
utilize the powerful international teleconferencing service integrated
into the new GoToMeeting 4, you can now specify for which countries you
want teleconferencing support and the G2M system will provide you with
dedicated toll numbers in those very countries you have selected. The
countries supported for now beyond the US are: Netherlands, France,
Germany, Italy, Australia, Canada, Belgium, Ireland, New Zealand,
Spain, Switzerland and the UK.

2006 - Large-scale "webinars" made easy with GoToWebinar

"Webinar." Is that not the ugliest word ever invented? Sadly, it"s a good descriptive coinage: A webinar is a seminar conducted over the Web. And here"s a new way to walk to talk: Citrix"s GoToWebinar, a bulked-up version of the company"s GoToMeeting screen-sharing product.

GoToWebinar has a more robust server architecture that is a supposed to be able to handle 1,000 attendees, making it suitable for large online meetings, such as press conferences. The screen-sharing tools in the product will be familiar to GoToMeeting users, but there are important additions to handle the coordination of large online meetings. GoToWebinar has an invitation and registration system, for instance. It will help you send bulk invitations over e-mail, manage the replies, and collect whatever information you want during the process (you can add fields to the registration form). When you are trying to coordinate the attendance of a large number of people, having a tool such as this is a big plus.

During the Web seminar itself, you can see how much of your audience is paying attention. If the GoToWebinar application is not the top window, the audience is probably not paying attention. GoToWebinar shows the organizer a real-time display of the percentage of people who are with you. If the attentiveness of your audience wanes, this may be a reminder to spice things up a bit or kick off a poll or a quiz (just remember to create your poll before the meeting starts; you can"t write them on the fly).

After the event, the organizer can get reports listing all of the questions asked (via the messaging system) during the session or even a list of who was paying attention and when.

GoToWebinar is a screen-sharing application, great for PowerPoints and demos. It doesn"t handle the voice component or a presentation, though. For that, you"ll need to use a telephone conference bridge. GoToWebinar provides a dial-in number when you set up your meeting, which makes it easy for people to listen in to your presentation. Still, I would have preferred at least the option to host or participate in meetings via Skype or other VoIP products.

One other snag: GoToWebinar viewers need to download an application to watch a show. That"s archaic--there should be an option for a pure Web-based viewer (see, for example, Vyew).

GoToWebinar is a capable and serious presentation tool, and it"s priced accordingly. The service is $99 per month to host all the seminars you can handle.