AppDynamics vs dynaTrace

Last updated: January 25, 2017

Cisco's AppDynamics is an application performance management and IT operations analytics software. Get real-time insights and transform your app performance with our Application Performance Management to drive business outcomes.
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AppDynamics vs dynaTrace in our news:

2017. Cisco aquired application performance management software AppDynamics

Cisco acquires AppDynamics for a whopping $3.7 billion. AppDynamics helps its customers monitor the performance of business applications, which help them get a deeper look into the guts and inner workings of their applications. By having a better overview, companies can more effectively spot chokepoints and performance issues that may be potentially holding back transactions and other kinds of action. The idea there is to catch issues before they become major issues and huge headaches for those companies. For Cisco, that means that it’s going to get yet another touchpoint for companies and offer them a more complete stack to help them run their businesses.

2015. AppDynamics allows to track business transaction from user to server

AppDynamics, a company that helps monitor apps and websites in order to prevent outages (or at least understand why they happened and recover as quickly as possible) announced a major update. The latest version helps identify those big problems that take down a website, but also see much smaller ones that can have a negative impact on the collective or individual experience while using an app or website. In particular, it’s supposed to help customers surface patterns like multiple people having an issue with the shopping cart on an eCommerce site, or following an individual customer through what the company calls a ‘digital journey’, as he or she uses a mobile app or visits the company website. The goal is to help identify performance problems wherever they occur along the way.

2015. Application performance management provider AppDynamics raises $158M

Francisco-based company AppDynamics has closed on $158 million in a round led by General Atlantic and Altimeter Capital. AppDynamics makes software to monitor the performance of business applications, competing with some traditional firms like IBM, as well as younger outfits like New Relic, which went public last December and has seen relatively steady stock performance since. (New Relic, which raised $214 million in venture funding, has a current market cap of $1.8 billion.) AppDynamics had previously raised roughly $206 million in debt and equity, including a $120 million round — $70 million equity and $50 million of debt — that closed in July of last year.