Apache Drill vs Presto

Apache Drill
Schema-free SQL Query Engine for Hadoop, NoSQL and Cloud Storage. Get faster insights without the overhead (data loading, schema creation and maintenance, transformations, etc.). Analyze the multi-structured and nested data in non-relational datastores directly without transforming or restricting the data
Presto is a highly parallel and distributed query engine for big data, that is built from the ground up for efficient, low latency analytics.
Apache Drill vs Presto in our news:

2019 - Starburst raises $22M to modernize data analytics with Presto

Starburst, the company that’s looking to monetize the open-source Presto distributed query engine for big data (which was originally developed at Facebook), has announced that it has raised a $22 million funding round. The general idea behind Presto is to allow anybody to use the standard SQL query language to run interactive queries against a vast amount of data that can sit in a variety of sources. Starburst plans to monetize Presto by adding a number of enterprise-centric features on top, with the obvious focus being security features like role-based access control, as well as connectors to enterprise systems like Teradata, Snowflake and DB2, and a management console where users can configure the cluster to auto-scale, for example.