Amazon Honeycode vs Parse

Last updated: December 12, 2014

Amazon Honeycode
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Amazon Honeycode vs Parse in our news:

2014. Mobile app builder Parse adds crash reporting and local datastore

Parse, the mobile development platform that Facebook acquired last year, offers developers a pretty complete feature lineup, but one thing that was always missing was crash reporting. While Parse offers an analytics service, developers always had to use third-party tools to capture when their apps crashed. But today this feature becomes available. Also new is support for Parse’s local datastore on iOS. The company previously launched this feature for Android. With this framework, developers can now more easily allow users to still use some of the critical features of their apps even when they are offline.

2014. App builder Parse adds A/B testing for push notifications

Facebook subsidiary Parse is rolling out a new feature - Parse Push Experiments - aimed at marketers and developers whose apps use the Parse SDKs. It lets A/B test different messages and times for push notifications that go out to mobile devices. The update works with apps that already use the latest versions of the Parse SDKs with no changes needed on the developer’s side of things. Instead, there’s now an option on the push composer in the Parse web console that lets you access A/B testing. Parse says that in the last month, it sent out 2.4 billion mobile push notifications. Having A/B testing built into a distribution system that big will have a huge impact on how and when millions of people decide to engage with their devices.