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Adobe PhoneGap Build
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2012 - Adobe PhoneGap Build - create Android, iOS and WinPhone apps on HTML5

As we have already noted, Adobe wants wants to own the open standard HTML5. How? By monopolizing the market of HTML5 development tools. And Adobe's tools really rule for developing websites and web applications. However, when it comes to mobile platforms, HTML5 is still losing to native apps. But now Adobe has a solution for that. Recently the company launched out a beta version it's new service Adobe PhoneGap Build, which allows to create native apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry and even Symbian using the familiar web technologies - HTML, CSS, JavaScript. This is very useful service for small businesses that need to create simple mobile apps for their workflow.

After all, usually employees have at least 2-3 types of mobile devices (Androids, iPhones, iPads, and maybe even Blackberry or WinPhones). So, you need to order the development of 2-3 mobile apps, find 2-3 developers, keep contact with them to make changes. This is very inconvenient.

From the other hand almost any company can find a person who knows HTML/JavaScript. And using PhoneGap he can create a single app and then compile it for each mobile platform separately.

Of course, you can't create any complex application in PhoneGap, but usually companies need quite simple and standard stuff: mobile directories, contact databases, marketing brochures ... By the way, PhoneGap is used by Wikipedia, Microsoft, Salesforce and BBC.

PhoneGap is part of the online package Adobe Creative Suite and allows to create one application for free.