1Password vs mSecure

1Password gives you the security you need in today's online world without slowing you down. 1Password makes you more productive while simultaneously increasing your security with strong, unique passwords for all your accounts and keeps all of your important information encrypted and secure.
mSecure Password Manager is a Secure Data Management Software Application. 256 bit Blowfish Encryption that has never been cracked. Your password is not saved anywhere in the software. Optional self-destruct if hacker attempts to guess your password.
Face to face in the news:

2016 - 1Password adds subscription offering to win over mSecure

Popular password manager 1Password is trying a new distribution model. Instead paying for the 1Password app on your Mac or PC (for $64.99) and paying again to upgrade to a new major version, AgileBits now has a new plan — for $2.99 per month, you can download and use all the 1Password apps for as long as you subscribe. This comes in addition to the existing model. People who sign up to a subscription now get six months free. AgileBits tells me it will continue to provide both models with the next major update. But after Adobe, Microsoft and countless of other software companies, it looks like subscriptions are here to stay as many people now opt for subscriptions instead of one-time purchases.