1Password vs LastPass

August 06, 2023 | Author: Michael Stromann
1Password and LastPass are both widely used password management solutions that aim to enhance security and convenience for individuals and businesses. 1Password provides a robust and user-friendly platform for securely storing and managing passwords, credit card information, and other sensitive data. It offers features like strong encryption, two-factor authentication, and cross-platform compatibility. 1Password emphasizes its focus on privacy and security, with the ability to locally store data and optional cloud syncing. LastPass, on the other hand, offers similar features, including password storage, autofill, and secure sharing. It also provides a user-friendly interface and supports various platforms and browsers. LastPass offers additional functionalities like password generation and password auditing.

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1Password gives you the security you need in today's online world without slowing you down. 1Password makes you more productive while simultaneously increasing your security with strong, unique passwords for all your accounts and keeps all of your important information encrypted and secure.
LastPass is there when you need to login, generate a password for a new site, or complete an online order. We've streamlined the browsing experience with features that take the hassle out of logging in and signing up, so you can forget about passwords forever.
1Password vs LastPass in our news:

2023. 1Password’s new service lets businesses quickly adopt passkeys

1Password, a password manager, has launched a new offering called Passage by 1Password. This service is specifically designed to assist businesses in incorporating passkey authentication into their applications and websites, eliminating the need for them to maintain their own security infrastructure. This release not only marks 1Password's expansion beyond credential management but also its entry into the realm of customer identity access management. Furthermore, it aligns with the current trend in the industry. In September, Apple introduced passkey support to iOS, enabling iPhones to serve as login tools for compatible websites and apps. PayPal followed suit in October by introducing passkey support on iOS. Additionally, other notable companies such as Google, Shopify, Kayak, and DocuSign have also embraced this functionality.

2021. 1Password acquires SecretHub and launches new enterprise secrets management tool

1Password, a renowned password management service in the competitive landscape alongside LastPass and BitWarden, has made a significant stride by expanding its offerings beyond conventional password management into the realm of infrastructure secrets management. To achieve this, the company has successfully acquired SecretHub, a leading secrets management service, and is proudly introducing its latest product, the 1Password Secrets Automation service. By integrating the power of 1Password with the innovative Secrets Automation service, businesses now have access to a comprehensive tool that not only efficiently manages their employees' passwords but also effectively handles infrastructure secrets. This seamless solution empowers organizations to streamline their security processes and effectively safeguard their sensitive information, making 1Password a trusted partner in the realm of secrets management.

2019. 1Password raised $200M Series A

Fourteen years after its initial launch, 1Password has secured a substantial $200 million Series A funding round. The co-founder, Dave Teare, recollects how the idea for 1Password came about in 2005. At the time, Teare and his co-founder Roustem Karimov were operating a web development consultancy and faced the recurring challenge of logging into multiple websites—a problem that became even more pronounced due to their day-to-day work. Motivated to find a solution, they embarked on building a tool to address this issue. As they introduced it to the world, they discovered a widespread demand for such a solution. Eventually, they made the decision to close the web consultancy and focus on developing 1Password, a move that propelled them to success and solidified their position in the industry.

2018. 1Password unveiled new business offering

Popular password manager 1Password has launched a new subscription product targeting business users with larger teams. The recently introduced 1Password Business replaces the Teams Pro plan and is priced at $7.99 per user per month. This subscription includes a complimentary 1Password Families membership for each user, extending workplace security practices to their personal computing environments as well. While the existing $3.99 Teams product caters to smaller businesses or group users, the new Business plan provides additional benefits such as enhanced customer support, increased document storage per person, and a larger allocation of guest accounts.

2018. 1Password partners with popular breach monitoring service

A little over a month after integrating a pwned password check feature, popular password manager 1Password has formed a noteworthy partnership with the renowned breach monitoring service, Have I Been Pwned (HIBP). HIBP now recommends users to sign up for 1Password's service when they discover their information may have been compromised in a data breach. This partnership represents a significant accomplishment for 1Password, as it positions their brand directly in front of individuals at a time when they are highly motivated to enhance their security measures. It offers an opportune moment for users to invest in tighter security protocols.

2018. 1Password improves password strength

The password management service, 1Password, introduces a useful enhancement by allowing users to verify if a password they intend to use has been compromised in previous breaches. In such cases, the service recommends selecting a different password. This feature complements the typical password strength indicator bar, which aims to promote better security habits among internet users. By conducting a pwnage check, the service goes a step further in mitigating the dangers of password reuse, as it verifies whether the chosen password has been involved in any known data breaches.

2016. Password manager LastPass is now free

LastPass, the password manager under the ownership of LogMeIn, has announced a significant update to its service by making a core component available for free. Previously, users could access the browser extension at no cost but had to pay a $12 annual fee to enjoy mobile password portability. However, LastPass has decided to eliminate this fee, allowing users to freely access their passwords on mobile devices. The free services now include essential features such as two-factor authentication, password generation and sync, as well as access from unlimited devices. Essentially, LastPass is now charging only for enhanced features rather than convenient access. It's worth noting that the company continues to generate revenue through its enterprise offerings. LastPass states that this pricing change is driven by a commitment to making password security accessible to a wider audience. However, it is also likely aimed at enticing users away from other paid password management services.

2016. 1Password adds subscription offering

Renowned password manager 1Password is exploring a new distribution approach. Instead of the previous method of purchasing the 1Password app for Mac or PC for $64.99 and subsequently paying for major version upgrades, AgileBits has introduced a fresh plan. For a monthly fee of $2.99, users can now access and utilize all 1Password apps as long as they remain subscribed. This new plan complements the existing model, and those who subscribe receive an additional six months free. AgileBits has confirmed that it will continue to support both models in the upcoming major update. Subscriptions have become increasingly popular, with numerous software companies, including Adobe and Microsoft, adopting this approach. It seems that subscriptions are now firmly established as an alternative to one-time purchases, as more individuals are opting for the convenience and benefits they provide.

2016. 1Password gets fingerprint unlock on Android

AgileBits has rolled out a substantial update to 1Password for Android, introducing several noteworthy enhancements, the most prominent being the addition of fingerprint scanner support. While this feature has been available on Apple devices, it now extends its convenience to compatible Android devices running Android Marshmallow (version 6.0) and equipped with a fingerprint scanner, such as the Google Nexus 5X. Alongside this update, other notable features include team support and a redesign that embraces Google's Material Design principles. The redesign incorporates a convenient floating button and a persistent toolbar, enhancing the overall user experience.

2015. LogMeIn acquired password management service LastPass

Remote access software provider LogMeIn has completed its acquisition of LastPass, the online password management software maker, for a total sum of $110 million. LastPass, a competitor of Dashlane, 1Password, and similar solutions, offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to enhance online security for users. Its flagship product is a password management software application that facilitates the creation of strong, secure passwords for various websites, while also providing a secure repository for other private information in the form of "secure notes." In addition to a native desktop application for OS X, which was launched earlier this year, LastPass offers features such as a "Security Check" tool, enabling users to quickly assess the strength of their passwords. The company also provides web browser extensions and a mobile app to ensure convenient access to its services.

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