Top 10 Contact Managers

Highrise CRM allows to save and organize notes and email conversations for up to 30,000 customers and contacts, keep track of proposals and deals, share status with your company, department, or team.
Plaxo unifies all your contact info in a single, smart address book. With Plaxo you can quickly import contact info from multiple sources – including email, phones, and social networks – safely merge duplicate entries, and receive alerts for contact updates and birthdays. Your contacts are scattered across a wide array of services including email, phone, and social networks. The result is inconsistent contact entries and outdated info, leaving you with little chance of accessing a complete, accurate address book.
From sales, to purchasing, to business development, to legal and beyond – in every corner of the organization there’s always a team that works closely with shared contacts and needs to keep track of all interactions, deadlines and to-dos. We built ContactManager for those people.
Seamless contact management. Aggregate, sync, collaborate. Contactzilla works with your existing workflow and devices. Designed for teams and businesses. It just works.
Truecaller is the world's largest verified mobile phone community dedicated to helping you take the right call through Caller ID and number search.
FullContact pulls in all your contacts, automatically updates them with social profile information and photos, then syncs them back to the places you need them - so you always have a complete view of your connections.
If you have one or more phones iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, old Nokia, Sony Ericsson, ... you could transfer your data to Memotoo and keep up to date: when you change a contact, it will be updated on all phones
fruux works with all of your devices! On all of your devices! With fruux you always have access to your contacts, calendars and tasks. Wherever you Wherever ...
Google Contacts is your online address book, integrated with Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and other Google products. Sync your contacts to all your devices and Google apps
Bring together and merge all your contacts from Facebook, Linkedin, Gmail, Yahoo!, your phone contacts, and other accounts. Enriched with employment, education, social profiles, websites, birthdays, and more. Automatically get the latest contact info for your contacts. Available on Android phones or tablets, iPhone, iPads, and Mac Contacts
Humin is a new phone app that captures all of your contacts and remembers them in the way you naturally think. Search all of your contacts in the way you've come to know them. We've replaced the old alphabetical list and let you search with terms like “met last week” or “lives in Chicago”.
Scrubly cleans your contacts and automatically syncs with your social networks. Delete duplicate contacts from Outlook, Mac, Gmail and Google Apps address books. Import Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Contact Data.
Contactive collects information from your social media networks, publicly available sources, and contactive's global directory to show who's calling before you even answer the call. Identify 600 Million+ callers before you pick up. Contactive automates the process of Googling phone numbers and names on public directories and social networks.
Refresh finds common ground with the people you meet. It searches the web and social networks to deliver insights about your contacts: mutual interests, shared passions, and important moments. Refresh lays the foundation for better relationships and prepares you to connect in every meeting on your calendar. It’s all the research you need to prepare but don’t have time to do.