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itDuzzit is the fastest way to sync data between cloud applications. Don't waste time with duplicate data entry and repetitive tasks. Automate with itDuzzit. Integrate apps easily without code, using our drag and drop configurator and our huge library of application connectors. The Duzzit Editor enables you to easily create complex workflows between cloud applications.
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2014 Intuit acquired cloud integration service ItDuzzit

Intuit continues to build out its cloud platform for SMB by acquiring itDuzzit — the startup that provides tools for businesses to integrate different web and mobile apps with each other (something think IFTTT for enterprises). The idea here is that Intuit will add itDuzzit to its QuickBooks platform, which provides accounting and increasingly many other adjacent services to businesses. ItDuzzit competes against the likes of Zapier and Cloudwork. The dozens of apps that can be linked up using the itDuzzit include the likes of Asana, Box, Coinbase, Freshbooks, PayPal and Shopify, with promises of further apps to come. What it essentially means is that while Inuit may not have its own hand in each of those pies (yet), it will give its customers an easy way of using them on its platform and with Intuit software regardless.