fring alternatives

fring is a peer-to-peer mobile service enabling live chat, audio and video calls from mobile phones. fring technology is a Mobile VoIP based internet telephony service
fring alternatives are:
Tango, Nimbuzz, Viber, Facetime, ooVoo, Skype

Here are the latest news about fring:

2011 Skype vs Fring on iPad

Fring was one of the first who released a special messenger for the iPad when it appeared in 2010 and even tried to get people calling via iPad, as via the usual phone. And now Fring one of the first releasing the video chat for iPad 2, and at once with the group video support (fo 4 participants). The application provides the optimized picture quality, works over Wi-Fi and 3G, and can switch between the front and back cameras, but for now can't make SIP calls to regular phones. Also, recently the video showing Skype's video chat working on the iPad has leaked to the Web (see below). Unlike Fring, this application is still under development. But it's a good sign that after the acquisition by Microsoft, Skype continues to develop its apps for the competing (Apple) platforms.

2011 Fring is going crazy: group video calls for iPhone and Android

2010 Skype blocks Fring

2010 Fring strikes back (at Apple Facetime)