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Zoho Pulse
Zoho Pulse is the social network for your company that lets your employees connect with each other, share ideas and collaborate securely, all in one place.
Here are the latest news about Zoho Pulse:

2013 Zoho launched social intranet Zoho Pulse

If you compete with Google and Salesforce, you have to constantly go forward and improve your offering. And Zoho continues to do this. Today they have launched very useful service for their app suite - social intranet Zoho Pulse. It's a worthy alternative to the famous Salesforce Chatter and the significant advantage over Google Apps, which lacks such a tool. Now with full confidence we can say that in terms of functionality Zoho's collaboration suite is again the most advanced on the market. Moreover, from the start, Zoho Pulse is not an entry-level service, but a fully competitive solution with microblogging, communities, subscriptions, employee social network, wiki pages, forums, private messaging, embedded apps and documents, mobile apps for iPhone and Android.

Pulse is already integrated with other Zoho services: first of all with CRM, Chat and Docs. For example, Zoho CRM already allows you to subscribe to account or deal updates via Zoho Pulse.

Zoho Pulse has a free version for an unlimited number of users and 1GB of disk space, with some restrictions on administration, re-branding and private communities. The paid version starts at $2/month per user.