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Zoho Docs
Zoho Docs is a central document repository for all types of documents. Store and share files securely and access them anywhere anytime. Zoho Docs provides a Online Workspace for documents. It makes file sharing easy and Collaborate with your friends, team members, colleagues, etc on multiple documents. Manage your document review process by creating and maintaining multiple versions of a document.
Zoho Docs alternatives are:
Google Docs, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Office 365

Here are the latest news about Zoho Docs:

24.08.17 Zoho introduced the all-new mobile Writer

Zoho redesigned its text editor Zoho Writer for Mobile. Writer’s iOS and Android apps get comments, better offline support, and an elegant design makeover. It’s cleaner, lighter, and more fun to use than alternatives. Writer for mobile is designed to keep you productive, even when your internet connectivity leaves you high and dry. Your 20 most recently accessed documents will always be available offline for you to view and edit. Developers also added a new Make Available Offline option to manually store important documents for offline access. So now Zoho Writer has better offline access than alternatives.

2016 Zoho takes on Microsoft Office again

Zoho launched all-new re-imagined word processing app Zoho Writer that brings the idea of creating tools that flow with your style of work, instead of forcing their style on you. The new UI follows the life cycle of a document with the help of modes. Compose mode gives  you the most space to jot down your thoughts. Create and edit your documents with contextually placed tools that cut through the clutter. Review mode lets you work with others through real-time collaboration and editing tools. Distribute mode offers the tools needed to finalize and circulate your document. Other new features include Access Receipts, WordPress integration, e-Signature Support, Lock Selected Content.

2014 Zoho Docs for Android improves file management, adds offline mode

Zoho Docs app version 2.5 for Android, (according to Zoho) is designed to take document management to the next level. Now you can share documents to and from any installed application in your phone instantly. With just a few clicks you can select the file you want to share and choose from the list of installed apps in your phone and share right away. You can also arrange files in folders on your smartphone. With the Move option, you can now easily transfer files from one folder to another and stay organized. You can also sort your documents based on name, last opened or modified details. Other new features include Cloud Print support, easy search, ability to add comments to a document on the go, offline access.

2014 Zoho Writer adds change tracking feature

Zoho Writer, the online document editor of Zoho Docs adds new feature - Track Changes, that enables the user to keep track of all the changes made to a specific document. It also allows you to accept or reject the changes made to the document. This powerful tool makes the process of commenting, editing and rewriting an easy communication process between you and your collaborators. With Track Changes turned on, every change you make to the document appears as a colored markup. It highlights each insertion, deletion, formatting change, or comment that has been made by the collaborators. You can selectively accept the edits and discard the ones that doesn’t seem appropriate.

2014 Zoho allows to edit Word docs on iPad for free

Seeing the success of MS Office for iPad, Zoho developers decided to release the own document editor Zoho Writer для iPad. Unlike Microsoft's app, which allows only view documents for free, Zoho Writer is absolutely free, and judging by the reviews it easily copes with complicated documents (with tables, lists, styles, pictures, etc. ) . Documents can be stored either in Dropbox or in Zoho's own file storage Zoho Docs. The app supports offline mode and external keyboard. However, it doesn't support real-time collaboration that is available in the online version of Zoho Writer.

2013 Zoho Docs adds desktop synchronization, more free gigabytes

2013 Zoho Docs 3.0: just to remind

2012 Zoho will work on top of the Google Drive

2010 Online Office Search: Google vs Zoho

2009 Zoho integrates Google Docs into CRM, Projects and Email