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Zoho Assist
Zoho Assist provides a simple and straight forward user interface to connect to remote computers anywhere on the globe, as long as they are hooked to the internet, even through firewalls and proxies. Once your customer approves access, control the remote computer as if it were in front of you, provide fast support and impress, without leaving your seat. Moreover, with online remote support you save time and all that money involved in travel.
Zoho Assist alternatives are:
Teamviewer, LogMeIn, GoToAssist

Here are the latest news about Zoho Assist:

20.10.17 Zoho Assist teams up with Spiceworks

Zoho Assist, a remote support and remote access offering from Zoho, has joined hands with Spiceworks, the world’s largest community of IT pros. Thus Spiceworks expanded the collection of free online tools available for sysadmins, network engineers, and technicians. Spiceworks also launched the free remote support tool, powered by Zoho Assist. It requires no sign-up or login. All it takes is a single click to start a remote support session and it requires no installation on your end. Your customers can join quickly by entering the session code. It connects securely over the internet with SSL and encryption and works over firewall and VPN. Thus Zoho Assist is now more affordable in comparison to alternatives

2017 Zoho Assist enables iOS remote access

2017 Zoho Assist now allows to remotely connect to Android devices

2015 Zoho Assist unveiled new customer console and two-way screen sharing for Mac users

2014 Zoho Assist adds new features, becomes faster, unveils iPad app

2010 Zoho Assist - the new tool for remote support