Yahoo Business Email alternatives

Yahoo Business Email
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Yahoo Business Email alternatives are:
GMail, Windows Live Hotmail
Here are the latest news about Yahoo Business Email:

2015 Yahoo Mail gets Xobni-based contact cards

Yesterday, Google announced a revamp of its Google Contacts service, and today Yahoo is following up with rolling out new “Contacts Cards” in Yahoo Mail, which are small cards that pop up when you hover over a person’s name in a message, showing you useful information about them like their phone number, title, company, and even links to their social profiles. The Contact Cards will display the usual information like phone, title, email and more, along with a photo (or a logo, if it’s a company), and links to social profiles, including Facebook as well as Yahoo-owned Flickr. The new system is being powered by technology from Xobni, a company it acquired back in 2013. As you may recall, Xobni was among the first companies to develop an email add-on that was able to pull in additional information about your contacts right into your inbox, including data from other social networks.

2012 Yahoo! Small Business allows to monitor Social Web

Long time ago the Internet giant Yahoo! tried its hands in business-oriented projects. Remember, they even bought the collaboration star Zimbra. But then Yahoo! partnered with Microsoft and decided not to compete with the partner. And then Zimbra was sold to VMWare. But one business-oriented service still remains in the Yahoo! portfolio - Yahoo! Small Business, which allows small companies and entrepreneurs to easily create a website, email account and online store. During the recent years Yahoo! changed its executives, priorities and strategies and many services were closed. However, this service has survived for one simple reason - it's really demanded by customers and brings profit to the company. Moreover Yahoo! still finds resources for the further development of this service. Recently Yahoo! Small Business added a free marketing dashboard that allows to monitor Facebook, Twitter and other social networks (for online reputation management), analyze website metrics, submit your site to small business directories, conduct email campaigns. For example, the dashboard enables social media monitoring and provides recommendations on new listing opportunities, including on Yelp, Yahoo and others.