WebOS alternatives

HP webOS is a mobile operating system based on a Linux kernel, initially developed by Palm, which was later acquired by Hewlett-Packard and open-sourced. WebOS uses multi-touch gestures to navigate on the touchscreen. The interface uses "cards" to manage multitasking and represent apps.
WebOS alternatives are:
iOS, Android, Windows
Here are the latest news about WebOS:

2013 HP sold WebOS to LG, launches Android-tablet

HP realized that innovation - is not for it. HP never earned on innovations. HP has become the world's largest PC manufacturer thanks to the excellent logistics and good value for money. A couple of years ago, it tried to be innovative: bought (for big money) mobile platform WebOS and produced the own tablet TouchPad. But it didn't succeed and the production of TouchPad was quickly stopped. And today they are selling WebOS to LG. (BTW LG needs it not for smartphones or tablets, but for TVs). Now HP is returning to what it does best of all - launching an ordinary 7-inch Android tablet - HP Slate 7, that costs just $169. It's no better and no worse than other similar tablets from Asus or Lenovo. But on the back side it has the HP logo - and that still matters. In general, this tablet - is a "can't fail" project, except ...

Except spoiled relations with Microsoft. But it's just business. Producing Windows-tablets now - is more risky affair. Besides, HP's didn't borrow money from Microsoft, like Dell.

By the way, HP has already launched Windows 8 tablet. ElitePad 900 sales started in January. This is a super powerful 10-inch tablet and it costs appropriately - $649.

2011 HP will keep the PC business and produce Windows 8 tablets

2011 HP kills TouchPad, WebOS. May spin off PC business

2011 Will HP TouchPad become an iPad-for-business?