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WebAsyst is a suite of online services for group or personal usage. All services are tightly integrated and can be accessible from the same account that requires single login. WebAsyst provide tools for file storage and sharing, photo sharing, contact management, email marketing, project management, ecommerce and more.
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2013 WebAsyst turns into SaaS e-commerce platform

WebAsyst - is one of the oldest SaaS services - it exists already 10 years. Originally designed as a collaboration tool (for with files, tasks, projects ... ), but the most success was gained by its online store module WebAsyst Shop-Script. Therefore, now e-commerce has become the core feature of the service. Recently, it was completed by tools for creating company website. And for collaboration it still provides task lists and contacts base. But the developers decided not to stop and created the platform, that allows to add custom apps to WebAsyst. The platform includes a PHP-framework , API and app store. So you can develop an app for your company, and if it could be useful for other companies - you can sell it right in WebAsyst. Besides apps the store contains plugins (e.g. for integration) and templates/themes for online stores and websites.