Vyew alternatives

Vyew allows you to meet and share content in real-time or anytime. Upload images, files, documents and videos into a room. Users can access and contribute at anytime. With Vyew you can give a presentation to a hundred people online or post a document you've been working on for review by your colleagues at their convenience. Vyew is extremely flexible allowing you to bring online collaboration and conferencing into your workflow on your terms.
Vyew alternatives are:
GoToMeeting, DimDim, Mikogo
Here are the latest news about Vyew:

2006 Vyew Presentation software undercuts Webex

Don't want to pay the freight for WebEx, Breeze, or another remote presentation tool? Try Vyew, a browser-based conferencing system. Vyew makes short work of sharing images or PowerPoint files. It's also easy to snap a screenshot and share that, or even set up live screen sharing, although the screen updates are a lot choppier than with a software-based presentation tool. Users can chat during a presentation or mark up the screens they're viewing in real time. Compared to the software-based products, the big upside of Vyew is that you can be up and running with it in about 30 seconds and have people across the country on your presentation in another 10. There"s no software download required. That also means it should work on other platforms besides Windows. And like other online applications, it"s free, at least for now.