Tutum alternatives

Docker hosting for your containers. Run, monitor and scale your apps. AWS-like control, Heroku-like ease. Take the next evolutionary step in cloud computing.
Tutum alternatives are:
Heroku, Kubernetes
Here are the latest news about Tutum:

2015 Docker acquired container hosting service Tutum

Docker purchased Tutum, a cloud service focused on deploying and managing Docker containers in any environment, whether the cloud or on-premises. Docker has always emphasized building, shipping and running containers — those discrete programming building blocks sometimes called micro-services. With this purchase, the company is really completing that third piece — the running the containers part —  which it has mostly left to programmers to deal with on their own up until now. With the Tutum purchase, Docker is able to deliver a more complete package of services for its customers, which is becoming increasingly important as the product matures.