Symbian alternatives

Symbian is a proprietary mobile operating system (OS) designed for smartphones and currently maintained by Nokia. The Symbian platform is the successor to Symbian OS and Nokia Series 60. Now Nokia is migrating from Symbian to Windows Phone.
Symbian alternatives are:
iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows

Here are the latest news about Symbian:

2011 Nokia to replace Symbian with Windows Phone

As expected, the new Microsoft's CEO of Nokia, Stephen Elop, has done what he was supposed to do. First, he sent all company employees the email telling something like: "Android and iPhone are killing us." And the next day he was standing on stage with Steve Ballmer and announcing the strategic alliance between Nokia and Microsoft and that Nokia smartphones will be supplied with Windows Phone platform. However, this loud announcement didn't cause any panic. Most IT blogs began talking about the end of the Nokia's era, Nokia shares on the New York Stock Exchange dropped down by 14% and Vic Gundotra (VP at Google) wrote in his twitter that "Two turkeys do not make an Eagle".

Of course, this reaction is mainly formed in the U.S., where Nokia is not particularly popular and has only 3% on the smartphone market. Nevertheless, in the rest of the world (where smartphones haven't yet specifically replaced simple mobile phones) Nokia still dominates. And many users that are loyal to Nokia brand, are likely to buy Nokia's smartphones, if they are comparable with those produced by competitors. The same is actual for Microsoft, whose main products (Windows, Office) will in any case dominate for some time in less progressive countries. So the new alliance has some time to create high-quality smartphones (and the ecosystem around them) that will help to save the power in the rest of the world and prepare the ground for fighting on the US mobile market.

At least we predict the strengthening of Nokia/Microsoft position in the segment of enterprise smartphones that need the ideal Microsoft Office / Outlook / Lync support and Nokia's reliability.

And of course, we (and all the mobile app developers) are happy that there will be less mobile platforms. Instead of the outdated Symbian and unborn Meego there will be one Windows Phone.