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Get your business a phone system that just works. Built for Google Apps and the cloud, Switch offers the latest VoIP technologies and PBX features. Use any device, get setup in minutes, access your company directory from anywhere, and more
Switch.co alternatives are:
Google Voice, RingCentral
Here are the latest news about Switch.co:

2015 Cloud PBX Switch integrates with Office 365

Switch, a cloud-based business phone service, now integrates with Office 365 after working previously with Google Apps. Whenever a Switch user receives a call, it will route to a specific destination based on some rules that businesses place. Switch end-users will see additional information like recent emails and LinkedIn profiles for the callers when they receive them. Office 365 users can sign into Switch through the service, which then is able to pull in that data from Office 365 services. The goal for a company like Switch is to basically replace the routing services that companies like Cisco have run. Those services tend to focus more on desk phones and can be a bit clunky to use — though, to be sure, companies like Cisco are massive and could throw their weight behind projects that could compete with a service like Switch.

2015 Switch.co launches phone system for Google Apps

Switch.co, a new, cloud-based phone system, is now becoming generally available for any businesses after the closed beta period. Switch is built to provide unified text and voice communications to enterprise users across a wide range of devices. Switch takes the pain out of employee phone provisioning by integrating with Google Apps and tying each number to an employee’s Google account. It enables a company’s employees to have a single number that would ring on their desk phones, mobile phones, and even on their desktop computers. It also provides a way for them to send messages, as well as share documents and calendar items, so that users within the same organization can have greater transparency around whether or not someone is online and available. Switch costs just $15 per month per employee and offers unlimited calls and texts.