Stride alternatives

Stride is a new way for teams to talk, meet, decide and do. Make talking about doing. Turn your next great conversation into action by creating and assigning tasks in your rooms. Having a fruitful discussion? Save an outcome by marking a chat as a decision, and reference them later anytime.
Stride alternatives are:
Slack, Microsoft Teams, HipChat

Here are the latest news about Stride:

09.09.17 Atlassian launched Stride - its new Slack competitor

Atlassian, that has long offered a team communications service HipChat, now launched more Slack-like service called Stride. It includes both a smart text-based messaging service and a fully featured video and audio conferencing service that enables frictionless meetings without the need to install any plug-ins. Stride's free version supports an unlimited amount of users, group audio and video, as well as support for bots and third-party integrations. The main limit here is that the free version only stores the last 25,000 messages and you only get 5GB of file storage. For $3 per user/month, those limits completely disappear and you also get support for guest access, screen sharing and advanced user management.