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SaaS collaborative decision-making tool. Provides activities where you can add text messages, tables, lists, discussion, pictures and files. For each post you can add comments, activities and references to other posts. You can also add Webex meetings, Evernote pages, as well as specialized tools, like SWOT analysis. Developers can create their own tools.
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2010 SAP launches StreamWork

SAP StreamWork
SAP seems to be adapting to the SaaS world. Less than 2 months since the introduction of SaaS product 12Sprints public beta, the company is launching the commercial version under the new name StreamWork. Yes, there are already some bugs in it (i.e. it doesn't support Chrome) but this is the right SaaS strategy: you launch a service -> get feedback -> quickly fix the bugs. StreamWork is positioned as a service for online brainstorming and decision-making. It's like Google Wave, but more structured and specialized for a particular task. Good news is that SAP StreamWork tends to be open. It supports the Open Social and can get data from other applications through the RESTful services.

SAP StreamWork
Thanks to this openness SAP StreamWork has already attracted many partners who have integrated their products into StreamWork. Thus, in StreamWork activities you can use the files in your account, or notes from Evernote. And any content in StreamWork can be viewed online in Scribd viewer. In addition, right from StreamWork you can launch Webex web-conferencing session and it will be logged in the activity.

Perhaps even more interesting that StreamWork developers promise to integrate this service with the main SAP products: ERP, CRM, BI, enterprise portal. Users will be able to add content from these corporate systems into StreamWork for more effective decision-making.

StreamWork pricing also looks "SaaS-ready". There is a free version limited to 250 MB and 5 open activities (created by one person. while he may participate in an unlimited number of activities created by others). Professional Edition costs $9 per month per user.