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SoShare is a simple, free file delivery service. And it’s a beautiful way to move big ideas around the web. With SoShare, you can send files of any size. You can collaborate on media projects with friends and co-workers. Ideas are free. And so is SoShare. There are no caps or size limits on creativity.
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2013 BitTorrent launched torrent-tracker for business

Sometimes at work you may need to share very large files, such as video or images in high resolution. This is especially actual for designers and marketers. We have already reviewed several services for sending very large files (over 1 GB). But the size of media files is constantly increasing and the term "very large file" is very different from what it was some years ago. Recently BitTorrent (the company that invented torrents) launched the new business-oriented service SoShare, which allows you to send files up to 1 Terrabite. Moreover, for now, while the service is in beta - you can send such files for free. Thanks to time-proven BitTorrent's technology you can send these files very quickly. And file is sent more faster, is there are more recipients (because each recipient quickly becomes the source - as in any torrent). To send file - simply select it on your computer and enter the recipient emails: