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SlideRocket is a revolutionary new approach to business communications designed from the start to help you make great presentations that engage your audience and deliver tangible results.
SlideRocket alternatives are:
SlideShare, Prezi, Empressr
Here are the latest news about SlideRocket:

2013 VMware sold out Zimbra and SlideRocket

Probably, Aaron Levy was right. With the development of SaaS API technologies it's no longer profitable to buy all enterprise software from one vendor (and for vendors it's not profitable to build full enterprise stacks). For the last couple of years VMWare was trying to build (or rather buy) the own stack of enterprise software, and now it sells it out to focus on what they really do well - virtualization systems. In March VMWare sold online presentation service SlideRocket to ClearSlide (which specializes in sales apps) and today it sold Zimbra Collaboration Suite to the developer of enterprise community-building solutions - Telligent. Recall, WMWare bought Zimbra from Yahoo! in 2010. The video above shows how VMWare was inspired by Zimbra few months ago.

2011 VMWare acquired online presentation service SlideRocket

Virtualization and Cloud market giant VMWare has acquired, perhaps, the best online presentation service SlideRocket. SlideRocket is known for being one of the first presentation tools that neglected the traditional format of business presentations, imposed by Microsoft PowerPoint and turned presentations into the WOW show. SlideRocket lets you create really impressive presentations using a variety of 3D effects and multimedia contents. In addition, SlideRocket provides collaboration tools, the large library with presentation themes and elements, and even the marketplace where you can find help in creating the presentation. Presentation created in SlideRocket can be showed on a laptop or tablet, published on the Web or demonstrate over the Internet using a conference call.

Why VMWare needs such a service? Hardly VMWare has a specific interest in the online presentation market. Just, apparently, the executives of VMWare and SlideRocket met at some event, drink some tea together and thought "why not?". Moreover, VMWare wants to provide the complete stack of business software: from the platform to business apps. Remember, last year VMWare acquired the popular collaboration system Zimbra.

2010 Beautiful PR pitch: I Choose the Cloud

The leading SaaS and Enterprise 2.0 vendors decided to make their business a little more "WOW". In the new show-channell called "I Choose the Cloud" the founders and executives of cloud companies appeal to join the cloud revolution. Because cloud applications mean not only simplicity, usability, speed and cost efficiency. They also mean the new exciting ways of running business. Because these applications are create not by serious gloomy IT-people in ties, but by such cool guys, who enjoy what they do. Guest stars: Aaron Levie (, Chuck Dietrich (SlideRocket), David Weekly (PBworks), Eugene Lee (Socialtext), Wendy Lea (Get Satisfaction), Clint Oram (SugarCRM), Tien Tzuo (Zuora), Matt Brezina (Xobni)