Skype alternatives

Skype is a software application that allows users to make voice and video calls and chats over the Internet. Calls to other users within the Skype service are free, while calls to both traditional landline telephones and mobile phones can be made for a fee using a debit-based user account system. Skype has also become popular for its additional features which include instant messaging, file transfer, and videoconferencing. Skype alternative for enterprise is called Skype for Business. Secure Skype alternatives are Signal and Telegram.

Here are the latest news about Skype:

16.11.17 Skype introduced Professional accounts

Skype announced the new account type - Professional Account - freelancers and online entrepreneurs, that give online lessons, tutoring and consulting. The Skype Professional Account desktop client, soon to be released in preview in the U.S., adds powerful new features to Skype to make doing your online business a whole lot easier. In addition to meeting with your clients as you have been on Skype, you can also book those meetings, accept payments, and keep notes—all in one place. Skype Professional Account gives you the power to do business from one app for free (during the preview). From French tutors to yoga instructors, you’ll be able to book lessons, accept payments, and give lessons all from one place, seamlessly. Plus, we’ve added an enhanced profile page to help improve your online presence and a dedicated website for your small business right in Skype. Your contacts will be able to see pertinent info like your hours and business offerings. All the features work together. For example, a payment request can be sent along with a booking. So we may assume that Skype gets more suitable for small business if compared vs alternatives

2017 Skype radically redesigned mobile and desktop apps

In June, Microsoft introduced a completely revamped version of its Skype app, designed with a heavier focus on media-sharing, and other social expression tools, like emoji, reactions, and even a Snapchat-like stories feature. Now that new experience is rolling out to desktop users. Group chats are multi-colored, emojis can be used to react to what others are saying while in video calls or in text conversations. But there are some additions that will be useful in the new Skype desktop, despite all this social app envy. For example, a new media gallery can be viewed on the right side of a group chat, which makes it easier to locate shared files, like documents, spreadsheets, photos or other media, that had been posted into the group. So Skype gets more youthful in comparison to alternatives

2016 Skype adds real-time translation to all VoIP calls

Last year Skype launched built-in Translator that allows to translate speech in real-time. Until now this feature was available only in video chat, but in the new version you'll be able to call people around the world and have your conversation interpreted instantaneously - even if they're using the last remaining rotary phone. When placing a call, users just need to set their language of choice and the tool will take care of the rest. The person on the other end of the line will hear a message stating that the call is being recorded and translated through the service, which will be very clear once the conversation begins. Windows Insider Program members will be the first to have access to the new feature. To date, nine spoken languages are supported: English, Spanish, French, German, Mandarin Chinese, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Arabic and Russian.

2016 Skype now allows to make calls without registration

Last year Skype enabled to invite to chat or video call people that don't have Skype account. Now it's possible to start chat and calls without registration also. All you have to do is go to and click "Start a Conversation." You type in your name, it creates the chat with its own unique link that you can send to friends or colleagues. They don't need to use an account either. You can invite up to 300 people in a text chat or up to 25 on voice or video calls. The conversation only lasts for 24 hours, so you won't be able to go through your post history afterwards. You also won't be able to use Skype Translator or call phone numbers with the service; those still require you to have a Skype account.

2016 Skype gets Bots

In the new version of the Skype for Windows 10, Microsoft added several Skype bots, the automated chat assistants that it introduced earlier this year in a limited preview. The new bots include those that can help you make travel arrangements, locate event tickets, pull in information from other applications and services and even keep you entertained. For example, the Skyscanner Bot lets you search for individual or group flights, return pricing information and route options. Then, it will provide a link where users can go to complete the booking.

2016 Microsoft launched free Skype Meetings for small business

2016 Skype voice and video calls now work plugin-free in Microsoft Edge

2016 Skype for Web now supports calling to mobile phones, landlines

2016 Skype discontinues its video messaging app Qik

2016 Skype integrated with Slack

2016 Skype adds free group video calls to mobile apps

2015 Skype for Web is available globally

2014 Microsoft launches Skype for Web

2014 Microsoft launched video messaging service Skype Qik

2014 Skype 7 refocuses on chat

2014 Microsoft kills MSN Messenger for Skype

2014 Skype 5.0 for iPhone looks cooler, works faster

2014 Skype makes group video calls free

2014 Skype for now available worldwide

2013 Skype gives free group videochat and screen-sharing for 2014

2013 Skype Video Messaging is generally available for free

2013 Skype comes to

2013 Promarket - industrial classifieds on top of Skype

2012 Skype In The Workspace - Microsoft wants to make a social network based on Skype

2012 Microsoft replacing Windows Live Messenger with Skype

2012 Skype + Windows Phone 8 = ideal communication device

2012 Microsoft created Skype for Windows 8

2012 Skype finally comes to Windows Phone

2012 Skype adds Full HD support, group screen-sharing

2011 Nokia and Skype not in a hurry to bring videochat to Windows Phone

2011 Skype opens App Store

2011 Skype acquired group-messaging service GroupMe

2011 GoToMeetings adds HD-video. Goes apart from Skype?

2011 Skype as a Service - mission impossible

2011 Web video chat: Google Hangouts vs Facebook Skype

2011 Skype video chat is available on Android and Comcast TVs

2011 Skype vs Fring on iPad

2011 Top 5 reasons why Microsoft acquired Skype

2011 Skype starts showing ads

2011 Skype to add web-conferencing powered by GoToMeeting, not Webex

2011 Skype acquires Qik, makes group video calls paid

2011 Skype for iPhone adds video chat

2010 Skype develops web-version

2010 Skype 5.0 - Facebook integration, 10x videoconferencing

2010 Cisco's top manager to become Skype CEO

2010 Skype wants to be an Internet for unified communications

2010 Cisco may acquire Skype

2010 Skype to create new products for business

2010 New Skype for iPhone: background mode, free calls over 3G

2010 Microsoft adds Facebook and Windows Live Messenger to Outlook

2010 Skype blocks Fring

2010 Skype as a Service is now a reality

2010 It's official: Mobile Video Calls is the next big thing: Skype vs Facetime

2010 Skype 5.0 beta - Group Video Chat, end of Freemium

2010 Skype comes to Symbian, Blackberry and Android. And to Verizon 3G network

2009 Skype is now the most popular IM client

2009 Skype to buy Gizmo5 and deploy SIP/Jabber?

2009 Skype as a Service

2009 Skype closes its developers ecosystem

2009 Skype+Asterisk are now ready for business

2006 Microsoft launches Windows Live Messenger

2003 MSN Messenger blocks Trillian