Samsung bada alternatives

Samsung bada
Samsung bada is a smartphone platform , which is created for wide range of devices. Features such as plenty of UI controls, Flash support, sensors support help applications to be more interactive. Service-centric features such as in-app-purchasing, SNS integration help applications to offer customers a richer, more interactive experience.
Samsung bada alternatives are:
Symbian, Android, iOS

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2012 Samsung takes on iPhone on the Enterprise market

We always have been talking about the competition between (Apple) iOS and (Google) Android for the leadership on the mobile sphere. But now, it's more correct to talk about the competition between Apple and Samsung, because only thanks to Samsung Android is so popular. This year Samsung surpassed Apple and Nokia, and became the best selling mobile brand, but the Enterprise market still belongs to Apple (and partially to Blackberry and Microsoft). Moreover, Apple never really tried to please business users (Steve Jobs didn't like the business market at all). But the business users liked convenience and coolness of iPhone and iPad, and IT admins liked the security of Apple's ecosystem (in which applications can be installed only from the App Store). And from the Android side there were neither cool models no security promiss (since it's an open ecosystem). Until the Samsung Galaxy S2.

Samsung Galaxy S2 was the very phone that managed to overtake iPhone (in convenience and coolness). And the new model - Samsung Galaxy S3 wants to win iPhone in safety also. For this reason Samsung invented its own certification standard - SAFE (Samsung Approved for Enterprise). And the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be sold in two versions: for consumers, and for business users - under the SAFE brand. The SAFE-model provides 256-bit encryption, enhanced support for Microsoft ActiveSync, built-in support of various VPN technologies and mobile management systems (such as AirWatch and Sybase Afaria).